Education Storage

Find the perfect configuration for your classroom

Schools need to store an abundant amount of office supplies, books, research materials, athletic equipment, records and more. Whether you are building a new space or renovating, we can help you design a storage solution to optimize your space and create a clutter-free learning environment for your students to excel in. 

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This 12-page brochure provides you a variety of options to help delineate space, from work-surface acrylic dividers to furniture configurations for the classroom to contactless exchange of goods and even touchless lockers.

Furniture for Education

Spaces to think, learn, create & transform

As both K-12 and Higher Education institutions grow and evolve, there is a need to better utilize available space. Whether you’re looking to better optimize existing spaces, make room for new programs or create innovative environments to attract more students, Spacesaver Interiors can create furniture solutions that will make your facilities more efficient and organized, as we reimagine and maximize your space to better serve your students and faculty.

Casework for Education

Designed with you in mind

No matter the space, from classrooms to labs to offices and beyond, we have experience creating functional and configurable educational environments. With flexible, custom and long-lasting modular solutions, we can help you create applications that are unique to your school, brand and aesthetic while catering to the needs of your students, faculty and visitors alike.

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Casework Solutions for Education

Hamilton Casework Solutions builds robust, safe environments for the nation’s labs, classrooms, locker rooms and mailrooms. With a lot of experience in critical projects, flexible manufacturing techniques and the ability to create highly functional environments, Hamilton CS projects are the perfect fit, every time.

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