Accommodate Evolving Needs

From public to academic and even off-site libraries, the mission is the same, to provide communities with access to the information, education and technology necessary to live, grow and learn. As the needs and uses of libraries grow and evolve, so do the challenges of finding space to accommodate ever-growing collections while making space for modern uses.

At Spacesaver Interiors, we can help you design solutions to better store and protect collections, make room to facilitate additional functions and better serve visitors’ needs.

Temporary Use Lockers

Day-use lockers paired with university IDs or even your library card can create a secure space for belongings while students, faculty and patrons are using their library. Because of the technology, we can also create a practically touchless experience during a time where safety is so critical. Learn more about our day-use lockers by visiting our day-use locker section or download this brochure.

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Download our New Brochure

This 20-page brochure is designed to share with you some of the latest trends that we are seeing in workplace and university spaces and personal storage, introduction to smart lockers and lock technology.

Help create a safe space for patrons with screens, dividers and panels

Creating a safe space for students and patrons is more important than ever right now which is why we have expanded our product line to provide you a variety of screens, dividers and panels. These can help create a division of space while people are waiting in line to adding partitions to desking and tables. Learn more about our offering on our screens, dividers and panels page or download this brochure.

download our new brochure

This 6-page brochure provides you a variety of options to help delineate space, from work-surface acrylic dividers to workstation panel stackers and even freestanding panels that are beautifully designed and affordable for your immediate needs.

Featured Brochure

Evolving Spaces and the Modern Office

Download this brochure to learn the latest trends to evolving spaces, applications of personal storage with temporary-use or day-use lockers, lock technology and a deeper dive into Offices and College/Universities. 

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Since 1973, we have been the premier source for custom storage solutions designed to meet modern-day challenges. So, when it comes to implementing a design that meets your specific needs, our expertise is unparalleled.

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