Hänel Lean Lift

for Car Dealerships & Parts Departments

Getting bogged down with inefficient parts management can result in hidden expenditures and lost revenue for an over run parts department.  

Leverage your secondary revenue stream with efficiency with a Hänel Lean-Lifts®. Improve inventory tracking while making room for a 60% increase inventory – all in the same existing footprint! 

Reduce wasted time looking for parts with Hänel storage software. Easily cluster and integrate the software into almost any IT environment with Hänel control systems. The open architecture of the intelligent system means endless, personalized configurations that best fit your department’s best practices – or even expand and improve on existing ones!

A well maintained parts department can…

  1. Cut down on lead times
  2. Be more efficiently stocked
  3. Increase picking speed
  4. Reduce hidden expenditures

Whether it’s a stand-alone solution, or networked with other Multi-Space® systems – the Hänel Lean-Lifts® offers another innovative solution for your intralogistics! Easily retrofit any space to leverage your vertical space and optimize your parts department.

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Vertical Lifts for Car Dealerships

See how three Hänel Rotomat® systems and one high speed Hänel Lean-Lift® improve part-picking and storage efficiencies at this dealership’s distribution center.

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