Powered Mobile Shelving

ECLIPSE puts you in control

Fueled by a la carte flexibility that lets you configure the powered storage system you want–and can afford. Choose from a wide range of available colors, finishes, end-panel materials, virtually any type of storage housing and accessories.

As convenient and easy to use as an elevator, a powered high-density mobile system far outperforms manual or mechanical-assist systems–leaving your staff more productive and efficient–and your workflow more streamlined.

To open an aisle, simply push the intuitive green arrow on the TUSC Control app or the TouchTechnology Control touchscreen. Any confidential, sensitive or proprietary files or materials can be stored safely and securely in an ECLIPSE Powered System. You can easily prevent unauthorized access to selected aisles or even the entire system.

With ECLIPSE, you use your powered system with full confidence and peace of mind.

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ECLIPSE Powered System 

Learn all about the different configurations, safety features and applications of this powered, electric high-density mobile shelving system.

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