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When your workflow requires unique and efficient storage solutions — maximize your space with Hänel vertical lifts. Save up to 60% of your space and optimize your daily functions with our ergonomically designed storage and retrieval solutions. From automotive warehouse needs of expanding service areas without building an entirely new structure, to keeping sterile surgical instruments organized and easily accessible to surgeons — we really do cover all the bases. Take a look at our variety of Hänel vertical lifts and let us know how we can help you achieve your storage needs.

Efficient & Ergonomical Storage Systems

A cost-effective storage solution for warehouse organization and material handling. The system utilizes all of the available vertical space in your warehouse with height-optimized positions making sure there is no wasted space. The available space can now be used in a more productive way.

Taking the safety standards to new heights, our ergonomically designed Hänel Lean Lift® minimizes the physical strain on workers to ensure safe and efficient productivity. It takes a toll on your employees to constantly bend over and lift heavy warehouse items, we take employee well-being to a whole new level.


There is a high demand for maximizing efficiencies and utilizing every inch of space available. The Hänel Lean Lift® offers a warehouse organization system that helps you achieve just that. Take advantage of all that vertical space in your warehouse and streamline your process to improve productivity and efficiency while being cost-effective.

How it works: Instead of going from rack to rack to retrieve your parts, make your parts come to you. The Hänel Lean Lift uses computer controlled access technology to quickly and easily deliver all your necessary parts right to you.

Take a look at our car dealership solutions to give you a better idea of how the Hänel Lean Lift® can better your warehouse and improve car part organization.


An advanced vertical lift solution that offers high-tech storage organization for your warehouse. The unique three-axis Hänel Multi-Space® vertical lift can deliver parts throughout your entire warehouse, offering multiple receiving areas on different floors ensuring all systems are running efficiently. The incredible high-speed of the Hänel Multi-Space® vertical lift allows you to retrieve hundreds of warehouse containers at notably high rates.

Manufacturing warehouses hold a variety of materials varying in weight and size. The Hänel Multi-Space® vertical lift makes it easy to drop off and receive all types of materials — giving you a one-stop-shop for all your storage needs. Additionally, it has a flexible storage capacity that painlessly integrates into any building infrastructure. The Hänel Multi-Space® combines all of the benefits of Hänel storage solutions into one giving you peace of mind when it comes to decision time.

Give your warehouse a revamp and see for yourself how easy it can be to organize all your auto parts for a more efficient process.

Rotomat® Storage Carousel

When it comes to healthcare — secure storage, cost efficient solutions, and ergonomic designs are all a part of the grand plan to keep your hospital running smoothly. The Hänel Rotomat® Storage Carousel maximizes your space while saving you time and effort to retrieve stored items. With the IT integration, you won’t have to worry about expired medicines or lost items — ensuring optimal inventory monitoring.

Securely access all your items with the touch of a button and confidently store surgical instruments knowing they are protected by lock and key pass code. The Rotomats® compact system requires less floor space compared to other shelving units and gives you the freedom to use your room in a more practical way.

Learn more about the healthcare storage solutions and find out how to improve your space.

Controllers & Software

Inventory control management just got easier. Hänel’s software system enables an efficient and streamlined workflow. The high-performance technology can easily integrate with your existing control system — making it easy for you to quickly find all your materials. Have complete control over your inventory as you keep everything in line with easy-to-use technology. A wide range of solutions, Hänel offers a specialized solution for every application.

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Vertical Lifts for Medical Manufacturing

See how a leading biopharmaceutical services provider was able to meet increased demand with a   Hänel Lean-Lift® storage system. 

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