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Evolving companies and organizations mean spaces to match

The speed of doing business is speeding up, not slowing down. And, amidst the constant change of your supply chain, logistics, marketing, and technology, there’s another environment that needs to follow suit — the spaces you and your employees work, now more than ever.

Now, with the return to work shifting our perceptions around the workplace, and what it means to be a hybrid workforce – the office must evolve. Attract and retain top talent by letting your space evolve along with the workforce. Create an office space that works with them and suits their needs. 

In this evolving open office, provide a locker solution that becomes practically touchless with the use of a phone app or badge, break up open spaces with multi-functional storage walls that are not permanent, provide smart parcel lockers that provide the perk to employees of personal shipments. 

The return to work is nothing to fear, get ahead of the change with beautiful new office design that creates the feeling of community with neighborhoods, an agile pantry, and workplace islands. All are ideal for fostering collaboration and innovation.

There’s no shortage of tools at your disposal to create the right space for your employees.

Think about it for a minute. Employees arrive at any space with their own belongings that are important to them — and that they need to keep safe. At the same time, storage can — and needs to — do more than simply store what’s important to us. With the right application, storage options — specifically temporary and day-use lockers — can create secure spaces for employee belongings and be a seamless part of the spaces you’re already using.


Define spaces in your office with ease. Foster innovation and community with dedicated zones based on job functions, projects or even noise levels. Clear divisions of space can create zones that meet all of your employees’ workplace needs. Be it a quiet zone marked off with a sound dampening modular zone divider or a workplace island large enough for group work.

Let space dividers, such as modular walls or locker banks, add to the look and feel of your office with beautiful, customizable design.

Download our 2-page brochure and learn more about how to prepare your office for the Hybrid Workplace.

Metra Modo

Smart lockers are the true future of workplace lockers. More than just a locker, smart lockers use Metra Modo lock technology to create frictionless user experiences while administrative capabilities provide insightful data. Easily integrate smart lock technology with existing media – choosing a locker and desk for the day can be as easy as ordering a cup of coffee.

Workplace Lockers

Beauty and functionality are the basis for our Workplace Lockers. As we shift towards un-assigned desking, or hot-desking, we shouldn’t forget about secure personal storage. A place to store one’s coat, or gym bag, will go a long way in making the office space welcoming without bringing in the personal effects usually found in a traditional office.

More than just personal storage, lockers have endless use cases, from contactless exchange to parcel delivery. Providing amenities that are in-line with the hybrid workforce’s development needs will help with attracting and retaining top talent.

Modern Mudroom

The new office amenities can start in the lobby or entrance to the office. The Modern Mudroom is a dedicated space to the storage of personal belongings such as a coat, a bike helmet, or even a pair of snow boots during the winter months. When placed next to the reception area, the mudroom ensures an excellent first impression for visitors, and ease of visitor management. 

The touch-less lockers pop open with the use of RFID mobile credentials, or smart apps. Administrative controls can be set to disable and flag a locker for cleaning – ensuring a safe user experience. Even setting lockers to assigned or unassigned is as easy as a touch of a button.

Featured Brochure

Make a Lasting First Impression with the Office Reception Desk Design

The future of reception desks will continue to evolve and improve the visitor experience and incorporate touchless storage.

Furniture for Office

Maximize your time and space with proper furniture solutions

Finding the perfect furniture for your office building can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with a limited amount of space, expanding workforce or are trying to accommodate various functions while working within a set budget. No matter the office, corporate culture, performance or budgetary needs, Spacesaver Interiors can help you find the office furniture solutions that are perfect for your unique needs.

download our new brochure

Get Inspired with New Seating Configurations

This 8-page thought-starter brochure will take you through some pre-COVID and post-COVID desking configurations. We share some ideas with you on how to de-densify your desking and create safe environment for your employees.

Casework for Office

A well-planned and organized office space is more productive and more efficient.

Whether you want to bring light into your workspace, optimize your work zones, or to create neighborhoods, Spacesaver Interiors can help you create convenient and innovative modular casework solutions for your space.

Recycle & Trash

Often an afterthought, recycling and trash points can quickly become the most unseemly part of an office’s design. Incorporating recycling and trash points from the start is a central part of human-centered design.

  • Customize the configuration to fit into any space – pantries, end caps, and workstations
  • Let the creative juices flow with custom laminate finishes or one of a kind graphics, even the bin labels can be personalized to match the look and feel of your workplace

Workplace Islands

On the fly innovation and collaboration are the biggest reasons to come into the office. Facilitate these impromptu meetings all the better with workplace islands. Spacesaver’s custom designed islands are configurable to your needs, whether standing alone or placed against a wall. Workplace island design comes in varying sizes with different types of storage options — sit or stand heights with the option for integrated cabinets or lockers. Colorful laminate or custom graphic wraps means there’s no compromising on the office aesthetics.

Agile Pantry

The agile pantry is the new hub of the office. A place to eat, work, and socialize, our selection of casework and laminate options are sure to make the pantry space inviting to all. Pulls and handles, integrated sinks, storage, drawers and even solid-surface counter space that is easy to clean ensure a functional space that will meet all your workplace needs.

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Touchless Lockers for Workspaces

Create a seamless workplace experience for your employees as they transition to the Hybrid Work Model. Offer touchless smart lockers to provide a secure place for employees and visitors to store personal belongings. 

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