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From the smallest objects to the largest artifacts, we know that preserving and protecting all items within a museum’s care is top priority. As collections continue to grow, sooner or later, institutions experience a lack of storage space.

At Spacesaver Interiors, we can help you design solutions that will protect your collections against risk and boost community engagement, while repurposing and stretching your space and budget to suit the needs of your collection, staff and visitors alike.

High Density Shelving

High density shelving maximizes your current footprint.  Mobile storage systems allow museums and collections to take advantage of nonproductive, fixed-aisle space used in traditional stationary-storage applications. The interchangeable parts that make up the system allows for your storage to adapt to the needs of your facility as your collection grows and changes. Choose from Wire Shelving, 4-Post Shelving, Cantilever Shelving, Specimen Drawers and Storage Cabinets. 

With a push a button on our powered systems or a turn of the handle on our manual systems opens an aisle where you want it. The result is 100% greater storage capacity or 50% space reduction

Lateral Mobile Art Rack at Canadian War Museum

Art Racks

Art racks are an ideal and convenient compact storage choice for secure, easy access to hanging art. We offer a variety of options to suit any space: from ceiling-mounted hand-controlled manual art rack systems, to floor-mounted high-density art storage rack systems, and free-standing modular art racks.  4-Post Art Racks can be mounted on mobile carriages and integrated into compact storage systems with other Spacesaver specialty storage units. Spacesaver Interiors art racks are equipped with anti-tip and anti-vibration mechanisms to ensure that artwork is protected.

Conservation Cabinets

Collections come in all shapes and sizes depending on the museum. Spacesaver Interiors has the storage options you need. Glass front conservation cabinets have a flexible design that allows our clients to create fully customized solutions for virtually any need – perfect for the more delicate artifacts. Shelves and drawers can be made to custom depths for holding a variety of specimens.

Learn more about how Spacesaver Interiors can adapt and meet your obscurely sized artifacts preservation needs

Spacesaver Cabinets for Museum Storage

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We recognize that the most significant factors influencing your choice in storage systems are conservation, preservation and security. With Spacesaver solutions, we ensure that your collections will not only have a place in history, but in the future as well.

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Since 1973, we have been the premier source for custom storage solutions designed to meet modern-day challenges. So, when it comes to implementing a design that meets your specific needs, our expertise is unparalleled.

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