Medical Supply Storage with Vertical Carousel Storage

Hänel Rotomat Vertical Carousels

Efficiency in healthcare spaces cannot be overrated, especially when it comes to supply storage.

The Hänel Rotomat Vertical Carousel allows for a gain of over 60% more space by capturing vertical space. Other concerns for healthcare storage include ease of access and sterility: Hänel storage software can be clustered and integrated in almost any IT environment thanks to intelligent Hänel control systems and an open architecture. And within the fully-enclosed Hänel cabinet, sterile supplies are more than protected from over-handling and contaminants. These combine into an optimal, secure, storage system for any healthcare facility.

Want three more reasons for a Hänel Storage System?

  1. Greater Productivity. Reducing time spent restocking, sorting, and retrieving supplies means greater efficiencies can be achieved. Cutting down on time spent away from patients improves overall quality of care.
  2. Improved Ergonomics. The electronic carousel brings required supplies directly within reach of a healthcare practitioner. A reduction in physical exertion where possible in a hospital or healthcare facility means a smaller chance of workplace injuries, or even the development of chronic pain from demanding work.
  3. Increased Accuracy. Advanced microprocessor controllers and software options take inventory accuracy to over 99%. Never let medicine expire in storage again, track expiration dates, and know what supplies were pulled when. Compliance and tracking has never been easier.

Capturing Vertical Space

With a variety of vertical lifts and operating software to choose from, easily build a supplies storage closet on the cutting edge of healthcare innovation for your hospital. A future proof option that can be retrofitted into any space.

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Vertical Lifts for Medical Supply Storage

See how three Hänel Rotomat® storage carousels support safe, secure and hygienic storage for finished products in the shipping department of this medical supplies warehouse. 

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