Hänel Multi-Space®

Vertical Lift Storage for Automotive Shops & Warehouses

Appealing form and convincing functionality are hallmarks of the Hänel Multi-Space®.

Leverage your inventory management system by capturing vertical space. With simultaneous horizontal and vertical movement, the articles are stowed away in the Hänel Multi-Space® by the quickest route. 

Have specific storage needs? We’ve thought of everything.

  1. Made with ergonomics in mind to store and retrieve items, the smooth-action rollers of the Lean Lift make storage and retrieval operations a breeze
  2. The Hänel light curtain guarantees maximum safety for the operators as they pick and put.
  3. Optimal and compact storage even when articles are of different heights

The Hänel Multi-Space® vertical lift makes it easy to drop off and receive all types of materials — giving you a one-stop-shop for all your storage needs.

Practical, Variable, Ergonomic

The versatility is endless. Store even the smallest of materials in a Hänel container: 100% individuality for our customers – the right container for every requirement. Warehouses hold a variety of materials varying in weight and size.

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Since 1973, we have been the premier source for custom storage solutions designed to meet modern-day challenges. So, when it comes to implementing a design that meets your specific needs, our expertise is unparalleled.

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