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Evolving spaces and the modern office 

Good design means a space that works. What works is when you give the people in your care safe places to store personal and professional belongings. It’s integrating with technology that allows the touch of surfaces to be limited. It’s having storage space that serves multiple purposes throughout your building. It’s providing a smarter building to better understand how storage — and your building is being used.

At Spacesaver Interiors, we’ve helped thousands of companies  evolve their spaces to perform in the following markets:

Office & Workplace

In this evolving open office, provide a locker solution that becomes practically touchless with the use of a phone app or badge, break up open spaces with multi-functional storage walls that are not permanent, provide smart parcel lockers that limit the touch and provide the perk to employees of personal shipments. There’s no shortage of tools at your disposal to create the right space for your employees.

Schools & Universities

Day-use lockers paired with university IDs create secure spaces for belongings while students and faculty are in class, the library, the gym, the lab, the studio, or elsewhere on campus, while package delivery lockers allow students and faculty to retrieve things they’ve ordered on their own time. Work islands — mobile or stationary — offer a way for students to collaborate on critical projects.

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This 20-page brochure is designed to share with you some of the latest trends that we are seeing in workplace and university spaces and personal storage, introduction to smart lockers and lock technology.

At the Center of These Evolving Spaces is Storage

Think about it for a minute. Employees and students arrive at any space with their own belongings that are important to them — and that they need to keep safe. At the same time, storage can — and needs to — do more than simply store what’s important to us. With the right application, storage options — specifically temporary and day-use lockers — can create secure spaces for employee belongings and be a seamless part of the spaces you’re already using.


Turn your blank walls into optimized space for personal belongings, parcel drop-off and pick-up, food and dry-cleaning delivery, and more. The lockers can also align with the look and feel of your building and brand with signature colors and custom graphics.


Ensure your temporary or moveable walls do double-duty. Embedding lockers into freestanding walls can break up the open spaces where space delineation is needed. These partitions can still create the feel of an open office while breaking the space up to help slow the spread of pathogens without creating permanence.


If wall space is tough to come by, and partitions only solve part of the challenge, another way to hide your lockers in plain sight by making them part of stand-alone furniture in your space. We can design custom islands, desks, and other furniture pieces to provide storage and a workspace all in one.

Foster collaboration in your office with workplace islands

Locker Technology for Any Need

Networked Smart Locks

Networked locks provide keypad, RFID, phone app, and even wearable interfaces to access assigned or unassigned lockers. These locks provide ultimate flexibility of mixed-use applications and configured to your needs and security.

Battery-operated locks

Battery-operated locks provide ease-of-use with either a keypad or RFID interface. These locks can also be customized for shared or assigned locker use.

Spacesaver Day-Use Lockers

Mechanical Combination

These classic locks can operate through four-digit codes or dial combinations with a numeric interface, with select solutions offering thousands of possible combinations.

Heartwork Building Block Lockers

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Evolving Spaces and the Modern Office

Download this brochure to learn the latest trends to evolving spaces, applications of personal storage with temporary-use or day-use lockers, lock technology and a deeper dive into Offices and College/Universities. 

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