The Return to Work

As the first impression for visitors and employees alike, let the new office truly shine with a stunning, multi-functional area. Turn the reception area into a Modern Mudroom by providing day-use lockers to store coats, bike helmets, and a spare pair of shoes in the winter, right when employees and guests enter. Improve the visitor experience with frictionless, touchless lockers for their personal use while in office. Make deliveries contactless with package delivery lockers. Great for mail, dry cleaning, and even food delivery.

The return to work may seem intimidating with all the changes it is ushering in, but starting with a design that includes smart lockers for workplace personal storage is a step in the right direction.


How to Retain and Attract the Hybrid Workforce

It’s an interesting time in the world, some places are returning to normal, and others have forever changed post pandemic. Not only are places changing, but how we interact with those spaces has changed. With the rise of the hybrid workforce, there are going to be even bigger shifts in the way we work, and where we work. 


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