Wrestling with a smaller office footprint?

Posted on: November 17, 2015

How high-density shelving frees up space for a more beautiful and functional office

If you are like many of our clients, your team is growing, and your space isn’t, and chances are you’re feeling the space pinch and a shrinking footprint.

Whether you store medical records or museum-quality art, books or specialized equipment, legal files or law books, you probably have too much stuff and not enough room for it.

That’s where high-density shelving systems can help.

With high-density shelving, you can safely and efficiently store the things that are essential to your business—always with an eye towards security and enhancing the productivity of your teams.

Whether your most precious business assets are client files, fine artwork or an arsenal of weapons at the local police department, they need to be treated with the respect and protection that they deserve.

What is high-density storage?

High-density mobile shelving is shelving on a mobile carriage that is mounted on wheels. This eliminates the number of aisles you need to access your stored things — and this frees up more floor space for you and your team (or more of your stuff). High-density mobile storage can effectively double your storage space. It also makes use of wasted vertical space used by a typical file cabinet or bookshelf. It has and can be used to store almost anything, and if there’s a type of business or market out there, there has probably been a system designed and installed in high-density shelving.

Store twice as much in the same amount of room with the ingenuity of high-density storage. Make use of all the space wasted with traditional systems. By eliminating excess aisles, for example, you can save huge amounts of floor space­–up to 50%­­–effectively doubling your work area, a valuable asset to any business. If your business needs to store large amount of, well, anything––high-density storage can allow you to do that in the most efficient ways possible.

Why high-density storage?

High-density storage takes up half the footprint of conventional storage like lateral files or shelving. And in most applications, high-density mobile shelving systems are three times more space efficient than conventional filing and shelving. With high-density storage you can make use of all the available square-footage at your disposal, and customize that extra space with drawers, bins and racks. Making the switch to high-density storage can make your business run more efficiently, increase your productivity, and free up needed space.

A wide variety of options

Your business is unique, and you need an approach to designing storage that is customized for your specific business or industry. With expert design and quality installation, high-density solutions can transform your space. And remember that you get what you pay for. Poorly trained, contracted installers who work with non-expert design plans may result in less-than optimized (and sometimes dangerous) results.

Manual: Our manual mobile shelving systems are a cost-effective alternative to mechanical assist controls. Pulling the handle moves the carriage from side to side. This option is ideal for smaller mobile storage systems with lighter loads.

Mechanical assist: These high-density mobile shelving units move with a simple turning of an ergonomically designed, soft-touch, three-spoke rotating handle. This handle allows users to move carriage weights of 4,000 to 10,000 lbs. with a single pound of effort. A variety of safety options are available for mechanical assist mobile storage systems.

Powered: This option gives you immediate access to your stored goods and is designed for more active, larger systems while providing state-of-the-art safety for users and materials. A simple push of the button activates the system’s movement, and then you can enter aisles as the carriage begins to move. Options include push-button controls, an infrared-capable control, and a secure touchpad aisle-access control. Safety options include aisle-entry sensors, waist-high photo sweeps and Spacesaver’s patented Zero Force Sensor System (ZFS®).

All our high-density storage options can allow you to:

  • occupy a smaller footprint
  • reduce your building lease or construction costs
  • make room for more people/equipment
  • delay the need for facilities expansion
  • fit storage into almost any available space
  • improve access by storing more stuff where it’s needed
  • improve workflow
  • protect stored material, and
  • adapt as your business needs change.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you transform your business with the use of high-density storage, please contact us. We can meet over a waffle and identify how new storage solutions can transform your site — we know storage. Please contact us to arrange your complimentary consultation!


For more than 40 years, Spacesaver Interiors has been the most trusted source of high-density shelving in the Washington, DC, metro area. Amy Hamilton, president of Spacesaver Interiors, and her expert team custom-design and install high-density storage for every conceivable type of market. Because of their long history in the business, they have experience developing storage solutions for many types of organizations including law firms, museums and police precincts.

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