What Co-working Will Look Like

The places where we come together to work have shifted from central offices to the home, coffee shops, and co-working spaces. Catering to the hybrid workforce in these ‘new’ spaces will become vital for their success. co-working offices have the greatest opportunity for growth and development in the current climate. 

A co-working space is no new idea, but as always, they must be agile to the changing needs of their clientele – be it individuals or small businesses. Competitive amenities are a start, but beer taps and endless snacks only go so far if users of co-working spaces don’t have secure storage.

Smart Lockers for a Co-working Space

Secure storage is a cornerstone of a welcoming space that focuses on human first design. Imagine having to pack up and carry everything you need in a day just for a meeting down the hall. It’s not convenient. Being able to access a locker means workers can easily and securely store their belongings while they are on a coffee run. It doesn’t hurt that these lockers are practically touchless.

Impeccable, and Customizable User Experience

Build your brand for visitors and customers alike with their very first impression of your space. Visually stun them with lockers that are designed to be architectural focal points of the co-working space, then wow them with how easy and intuitive the smart locks are to use. How your members interact with the smart lockers is up to you, your co-working space and how the system is configured. Members could rent or book a locker prior to arriving, on the fly while in your facility, or integrated into your app so that the locker is booked at the same time as the desk or space is reserved. The true wonder of a smart locker in a co-working space is the ROI potential. 

Flexible Financial Models

Monetize your lockers for smart storage that pays for itself. Take full advantage of the administration of the smart locker reservation system and monetize lockers differently during events and other special occasions. The ability to easily change the fee for events, times of the day and/or guests is with just a few clicks in the administrative software. The same locker that was used during the day for a member can easily flex to change the cost based on the event or situation at hand.

Administrative access allows you to set and adjust the rates that a member or visitor pays via credit card or the ability to offer members to pay via member credits.  Set up and change as needed how long your members can rent a locker for. Daily rental, weekly, monthly, event based, you name it.

Smart lockers are a sure and future proofed investment for co-working spaces that members and visitors alike are sure to love. Learn more in our Day-Use Lockers Download


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