Touchless Lockers

Creating a safe space for employees, students and patrons to call their own

Touchless lockers help create a safe space for your employees, students and patrons by minimizing the touch of shared surfaces. With touchless lockers, an employee or student can present their badge, RFID card or ID, near the RFID reader. The system will detect their credentials and automatically pop-open the locker door for the user’s temporary use for the day. The user puts in their belongings and closes the door with the nudge of an elbow. Making the entire experience practically touchless.

These touchless lockers don’t stop at just RFID badges, but depending on your RFID media or access management system, your users can use their smart phone or even their wearable device to open and locker their locker. This amenity is huge as users are less likely to lose their mobile device vs a badge and create a truly seamless experience.

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Download this 4-page brochure to learn more about how to create a touchless experience for your employees and guests when needing to temporarily store their personal belongings.

What Makes Touchless Lockers so Unique?

Looking beyond the touchless experience and minimizing the touch of shared surfaces these lockers have a bunch of features and functionality that allow you to create even safer environments for your employees, students and guests.


Due to the nature of the networked lock there is no lock mounted to the surface of the door. This eliminates the cleaning of keypad locks or mechanical combination locks that have a lot of crevices on them. These lockers are also able to be programmed for cleaning crews to have access during certain parts of the day or individual locks can be set to become inaccessible to another user until cleaning has taken place.

Audit and Occupancy Reporting

Administratively, you are able to see all of the usage of these lockers with just a few clicks. These lockers can be reported on as a whole building, a floor, department, bank or individual locker. This could help aid in contact tracing if ever needed, because you would know who used what locker and when.

Open All Lockers with a Touch of a Button

With battery-operated locks you would need to individually open every locker to find the ‘stinky’ lunch left over or in more extreme cases if there was ever a threat. With these touchless networked locks, with a touch of a button you can open up all of the lockers in the building, the floor, department, locker bank or the individual locker if needed.

Assigned, Unassigned or Both

These lockers can be configured to be assigned so that every user has the same locker everytime they need to use it or unassigned, so that a user has a different locker each time. Or, it can be both where some lockers can be allocated as unassigned for temps, contractors or guests and the other lockers in the same bank can be assigned for employees.

Materials and Lockers

These touchless lockers can be made out of practically any type of materials that you would like. From steel to laminate to phenolic to back-painted glass and much more. Another consideration is having these locker made from smart materials such as antimicrobial laminates, or copper-infused laminates or solid surface.

Featured Brochure

Download the Touchless Locker Brochure

Download this 4-page brochure to learn more about how to create a touchless experience for your employees, students and guests when needing to temporarily store their personal belongings.

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