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Posted on: April 26, 2016


As libraries change to meet the needs of their communities, staff face the challenge of finding space for modern uses while still accommodating ever-growing collections of books and other materials. By mounting shelving units on space-saving compact shelving systems, libraries can free up space for a variety of modern uses, including meeting rooms, computer workstations, cafes, and other spaces for patrons to learn and interact. Freeing up this space might help allow for more focus on;


Some libraries reconfigure spaces to include coffee shops, meeting rooms, or classrooms for informal gatherings, community meetings, and other events. Cafes encourage patrons to linger at the library, sometimes doubling as meeting areas for book clubs and study groups.
In providing space for collaborative areas, modern libraries are often faced with a challenge—how to make room for more of the services required by today’s patrons. Whether you’re building new or rethinking an existing space, high-density mobile storage systems can help create new areas to serve your community’s changing needs. By eliminating those fixed aisles and creating movable aisles, compact mobile storage systems increase storage capacity, improve efficiency, and consolidate collections. Existing library shelving units can be mounted on mobile carriage-and-rail systems to convert stationary storage into compact storage, saving money and space.


Flexible features allow staff to create custom spaces on the fly. From A-frame shelving to wheeled carts and shelving units, we offer products to create configurable storage spaces that also serve as attractive displays.


Technology has changed the face of libraries, and is continuing to change how we work and how we deliver services to customers.
At a time when only half of low-income households have internet access, libraries help bridge the “digital divide,” providing high-speed internet access to patrons who would otherwise be cut off from online learning opportunities.
Honoring a long-standing commitment to improving the public’s access to information and educational materials, modern libraries offer free wifi, computer workstations, and access to software and training. Many libraries are starting to plan small makerspaces or are allowing patrons to check out digital creation tools such as microphones or video cameras.
The opportunity to renovate or expand a library is usually a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Libraries today are an architectural stamp for educational institutions as well as a versatile showplace for communities and corporations. They are so unique in structure that they have become the blueprint for the character of the community. Their function no longer limited to students cramming for tests or avid readers checking out the latest best seller. We are all drawn to a library for different reasons and it has become a central hub for gathering, learning, exploring, dreaming, informing and inspiring.

We know that providing safe, accessible, and well-organized storage is at the core of any library’s mission, and we’re here to help. Our team of storage experts can assist you in creating a storage solution that fully integrates with your building’s unique characteristics to maximize space, protect materials, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve and expand the services your library provides.

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