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Are you struggling with the balance between valuable usable space and maintaining sufficient storage in your business? If so, the team at Spacesaver Interiors can offer you a unique and attractive solution with mobile shelving! No matter what type of business you own or operate, be it a warehouse, medical facility, or an office, mobile shelving can help you reduce the amount of space your storage takes up while also offering a prime and efficient way to store products and equipment.

With decades of experience in providing Maryland and Virginia businesses with ideal storage solutions, Spacesaver Interiors is uniquely equipped to help your business solve its storage woes. We offer top-class products and complete storage strategies to help you optimize productivity and minimize loss of space.

For mobile shelving solutions and products in MD, VA, and DC, contact Spacesaver Interiors online! Prefer to talk? Call a storage expert near you today by dialing 301-933-9390!

What Is Mobile Shelving?

Mobile shelving, also known as high-density mobile shelving, is based on converting traditional access aisles into one or two movable aisles based on your specific storage needs. By eliminating unnecessary aisles in your storage or filing area, you can condense materials and recoup valuable floor space for other uses. Mobile shelving enables you to store more in less space, so you will reduce storage solution problems you may have faced in the past.

Mobile Shelving Solutions in the DC Area

With industry-leading mobile shelving options from FrameWRX, ActivRAC, and High-Bay storage systems, you can be certain there’s a product to suit any need or budget. Our specialists work with you and offer a wide array of features and products, helping you match your needs with the ideal mobile shelving system.

Choose from the addition of drawers, bins, cases, museum displays, art racks, slat walls, and even lighting and security in order to achieve a mobile storage system that not only helps you consolidate space, but also allows you more freedom in storage design.

We offer mobile shelving to a wide range of industries and businesses, including:

Types of Mobile Shelving Systems

Depending on your needs, there are a variety of mobile shelving systems you can choose from. These systems include:

  • Standard mobile shelving – These mobile shelving systems eliminate fixed aisles by creating a moveable aisle. How does this benefit you and your Northern Virginia area business? Instead of having fixed “empty” space, you will compact your storage space, allowing you complete accessibility to all of your important materials while maximizing your space.
  • Heavy-duty mobile shelving – Like a standard mobile shelving system, heavy-duty mobile shelving allows you to maximize your space by minimizing the unused areas in your warehouse. These storage systems have a load capacity of 7,000 to 30,000 lbs., and move with the help of either a mechanical-assist handle or an electric-powered system.
  • Low-profile mobile shelving – We understand that your business needs may change over time. If you’re not ready to commit to a full mobile shelving system, a low-profile solution could be what you’ve been looking for. This mobile shelving system offers a cost-effective storage solution that won’t interfere with your current facility—perfect for businesses renting their space!

Not sure which high-density mobile shelving system would work best for your business? Let our storage experts guide you through the selection process—just give us a call at 301-933-9390.

Benefits of Mobile Shelving

Sports organizations, museums, auto repair shops, and health practices throughout the Washington, DC area have chosen mobile shelving for many reasons, including:

  • Reduced wasted space – Sometimes the shape or size of a room limits the storage capabilities. If you are struggling to find a solution that provides ample storage without taking up too much space, then mobile shelving might be for you. Your mobile shelving system will eliminate aisles and compact several storage cabinets or shelving systems into a much smaller amount of space.
  • Increased access – With a centralized storage space in your business, you will be able to keep files or items close together—allowing for more accessibility. Productivity increases as the amount of time required for access, filing, and retrieval of your information is greatly reduced.

Contact us to learn more about the Spacesaver mobile shelving that provides significantly greater storage capacity per square foot than conventional storage like lateral files or shelving.

Why Choose Spacesaver Interiors?

No two businesses are entirely alike, even within the same industry or business type. That means each and every issue you face regarding storage is entirely unique to you, requiring a professional touch to address. At Spacesaver Interiors, we utilize our extensive knowledge, team members with decades of experience, and top-class products in order to address your needs specifically and individually. We don’t want to offer you just any old storage option. We want to help you develop a strategy that suits your needs and creates a comprehensive problem solving plan.

We customize our service to offer you distinct advantages. Whether you are a growing business, a large scale business with large scale storage challenges, or you’re planning a big renovation, you’ll find our storage solutions more than capable to fit your situation, budget, and storage needs.

Mobile Shelving in MD, VA & DC

Want a business that is more productive, more organized, and overall a much better place to work and thrive? If so, Spacesaver Interiors is your partner in reaching your goals. By formulating plans and offering products that address your business specifically, we can help you achieve all of the advantages that a tailored mobile shelving system can provide.

Contact us at any time online to learn more or call a storage expert near you by dialing 301-933-9390. We look forward to helping you get the best in the business when it comes to complete storage!

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