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When you need a functional way to store your media, you need a robust organizational system. Because of this, Spacesaver Interiors partners with Russ Bassett to offers a broad selection of storage products which include drawers in cabinets, open shelving, and unique pull out vertical shelving drawers. These high-density and high-capacity storage products are designed for all types of media formats and can be tailored to each customer’s specific media application. Spacesaver Interiors provides the most advanced and comprehensive storage solutions to keep your media available, neat, and organized.

Learn more about the different kinds of media storage systems to determine which one is perfect for your needs.

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Gemtrac for Media Storage

Gemtrac is a unique pull out shelving concept revolutionized media storage, providing both high density and easy retrieval in a modular, self-contained design. Each Spacesaver Interiors Gemtrac unit consists of two large cabinets facing each other, each with pull-out vertical drawers that share common overhead tracks.

The cabinets of the Gemtrac system come in two heights, 91 and 90 inches. Depending on what you are using the Gemtrac system to store, can add optional gang locks with common keying to secure all drawers. Like the height of the cabinets, the drawers are offered in two widths, 5.5 and 7 inches. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, our team at Spacesaver Interiors can help you determine the right cabinet height and drawer width. The Gemtrac system also offers a variety of shelf types, including adjustable shelves, standard shelves, and recessed shelves. Do you know what this means? You can customize your storage system to meet all your needs. Depending on the particular application of the system, you can also have slide-n-lock bookends, adjustable backstops, and discrete slot media racks. The options are endless.

Units ship set-up facilitating a quick and simple installation process. A typical unit consists of 10 drawers holding about 4,500 LTO tapes in just 25 square feet. Units are set side by side to create a media aisle where thousands of tapes can be accessed within just a few steps. Each open drawer exposes 400-500 tapes for quick access. Units may even be double or triple stacked to utilize vertical space.

Allow our team to help you customize your Gemtrac media storage system for your facility. Contact us today for a complimentary storage brainstorming session for your media storage.

Ractrac for Media Storage

Spacesaver Interiors offers Ractrac, a high-density modular racking system that can be installed one, two, or three levels high based on available ceiling height. This means that you can create a multi-level storage system in your space—sounds like what you’re looking for? Let Spacesaver Interiors help you customize the Ractrac system for your particular space.

With Ractrac, you can install drawers to store any size data media, or wire racks to store any size media container. You can choose between a single or multi-level system—Ractrac modules can be installed up to three or more levels high! But how do you connect the modules that are on high levels? With catwalks! Main and service aisle catwalks are integrated into the racking to provide access to all levels of the system. There is also a safety railing so you can rest easy knowing you and your employees will be able to throughout the storage system.

To learn more about the Ractrac media storage system, talk to one of the storage experts at Spacesaver Interiors today! We provide unparalleled media storage throughout Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia!

Rolltrac for Media Storage

Spacesaver Interiors also offers Rolltrac—a single level Ractrac system with additional storage above. This is accomplished by having the Gemtrac drawers roll out on wheels instead of being supported by overhead tracks. With access to the area above, short drawers can be added to store additional open slot tape or pilasters with wire shelves can be specified to store media containers in this upper area.

If you’re looking for the best of both world and need a cross between the Gemtrac system and the Ractrac system, then the Rolltrac media storage system could be the solution you’ve been looking for. Rolltrac frames are standard 38” deep and 10’ wide and 11.5’ high (other widths are available). Like mentioned above, this storage system offers overhead filing and storage. Each Rolltrac modular can accommodate either drawers for open media or a pilaster system for containers to maximize your vertical storage capacity.

Is the Rolltrac system everything you’ve been looking for? If so, Spacesaver Interiors can install a Rolltrac system in your facility that is customized to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more.

High-Density Mobile Shelving in MD, VA & DC

Trusted in mission critical environments, the Russ Bassett brand delivers real life solutions involving technology integration, space utilization, and user interface—which is why Spacesaver Interiors installs such a useful organizational tool. These high-density and high-capacity storage products are designed for all types of media formats and can be tailored to each customer’s specific media application.

Our storage experts have worked with many Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC business owners, like you, and can help determine which media storage solutions work best within your space. Contact us for a complimentary storage brainstorming session or to learn more about the Gemtrac, Ractrac, or Rolltrac systems.

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