High Density Mobile Shelving for Libraries

Providing Libraries with Quality Storage Solutions in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Did you know that in most cases, high-density mobile shelving systems are three times more space efficient than the conventional library filing and shelving systems? When it comes to storing your library resources, you need an organized, efficient system for visitors. As a library supervisor or manager, your goal is to help all patrons easily access their requested material. To make this all possible, you will want to invest in a custom storage system unique to your building’s layout. Given our team’s extensive experience and knowledge of library storage solutions, we listen carefully to each customers’ needs to create the best storage solution for their location.

To meet the unique needs of each library building, Spacesaver Interiors offers both mechanical and powered systems. By eliminating unnecessary aisles in your building, you can condense materials and recoup valuable floor space for other uses. With a high-density mobile shelving system, you will no longer struggle to find room for each and every book.

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What Is High-Density Mobile Shelving?

High-density mobile shelving is based on converting traditional access aisles into one or two movable aisles based on your specific storage needs. By eliminating unnecessary aisles in your storage or filing area, you can condense materials to provide your library with additional floor space. Mobile shelving enables you to store more in less space, allowing you to reduce storage solution problems you may have faced in the past.

high-density mobile shelving for schools and universities

Types of Libraries We Supply

Our team has worked with a variety of libraries in the area—creating customized storage solutions for:

  • School Libraries
  • Public Libraries
  • University Libraries
  • Home/Personal Libraries
  • Recreational Centers and Clubs

Not sure which storage solutions would benefit your DC area library the most? Let us help you decide. Contact Spacesaver Interiors to schedule a brainstorm session or consultation.  

High-Density Mobile Shelving Solutions

To provide facilities with a wide range of mobile shelving options, we conveniently offer electric, mechanical, and manual systems. Our unique high-density solutions include FrameWRX, light industrial ActivRAC, and off-site High-Bay storage systems. To create an ideal solution for each library, we also offer customizable accessories like slat wall, drawers, and bins to allow for a changing collection of educational resources, supplies, and more.

Our solution providers are equipped to handle anything from floor loading to seismic calculations and frequency of access to safety factors. Whether you are in need of high-density shelving, movable shelving, accordion shelving, light industrial high-density shelving, ActivRAC, High-Bay, Xtend, or lateral systems, we know storage and are here to help.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you regardless of your needs. We offer expert advice in anything from storage supply to re-organizing your library files—simply give us a call at 301-933-9390.

Working With Spacesaver Interiors

Why should you choose to work with Spacesaver Interiors?

Storage can be a huge issue for libraries that have accumulated an abundance of resources over the years.

We get that.

That’s why at Spacesaver Interiors, we don’t just sell you a cookie cutter shelving system. We develop a larger strategy that works for your unique library. Let’s face it: Big changes don’t always come easily. To ensure the job gets done right, we employ the very best installation crew in the business. Our storage installers are expert because most of them have more than 15 years’ of experience with Spacesaver Interiors. We don’t believe in using contractors—your project is too important to risk using unproven installers.

Choose Spacesaver Interiors for high-density mobile shelving systems in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Call our team at 301-933-9390 to learn more.

Mobile Shelving for Libraries in MD, VA & DC

Organization is important to any business, but even more so for libraries. Every book, magazine, newspaper, and video needs to be labeled and stored effectively to ensure it can be easily located and kept in great condition. Ensure your library’s storage system is productive with high-density mobile shelving from Spacesaver Interiors. Our shelving systems make storage convenient, allow for more space, and provide quick access to items!

Our high density storage experts have worked with many Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC libraries, like yours, and can help determine which storage solutions work best within your space. Contact us for a complimentary storage brainstorming session!

Are you a design professional?

We can help you with specifications, provide comprehensive CAD drawings of solutions, and work with you to provide sustainable products to support your goal for LEED certification. We are happy to be an integral part of your team and meet with clients as much or as little as you would need.

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