Art Storage Racks

Providing Art Storage Solutions in DC, Maryland & Virginia

Do you have a large art collection that needs to be properly showcased and stored? Spacesaver Interiors provides an extensive line of art racks and art screens that can help you do just that. Our expert services provide highly efficient storage solutions for museums and art galleries across the globe. If you are looking to maximize your storage space, while conveniently showcasing your gallery, we have a creative and functional solution for you. Our team of expert designers will come up with a storage solution that meets your unique budget and needs.

Art collections contain valuable, often historic pieces that need to be handled with complete care. Our company has over 40 years of experience creating art storage racks and screens to help companies and individuals showcase their most prized collections. If you need an art storage solution in the DMV area, don’t hesitate to give our team a call at 301-933-9390 to find out how we can meet your needs.

Electronic Art Racks

Often times, art storage shares a space with other art collections. When you have limited space and an abundance of art, an electronic art rack can make all the difference. Our company specializes in electrically operated systems with passive safety features and highly controlled carriage movement. Mechanical and hand-controlled manual systems are available as well, and provide smooth and easy carriage operation. Do you need to store other object on an electronic rack? Not a problem. Simply fill out a contact form explaining your unique request and our team will be happy brainstorm!

Vertical Art Storage Racks

Vertical art storage racks protect, categorize, and store all types of framed and unframed artwork. Custom vertical art storage is a convenient way to store pieces and can be configured in a stationary layout or into moveable carriages. Vertical spaces are adjustable and can be modified as your collection grows. These steel shelving units create individual sections for each art piece.

Art Storage Racks and Screens

Our art racks can be ceiling mounted, floor mounted, or powered high density mobile systems. To properly store and showcase each customer’s unique art collection, we provide the following rack and screen solutions:

  • Painting screens
  • Moveable art racks
  • High density art racks
  • Wall mounted painting art racks
  • Ceiling suspended art screens

All of our racks and screens come in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes! Do you need an art storage solution that isn’t on our list? Chances are, we have a solution for you! Our team of specialists is constantly thinking up new ways to help maximize your storage.

Do you need a quality storage solution for your art collection in the Maryland, Virginia, or DC area? Give us a call today at 301-933-9390 to begin working with our team.

Industries We Serve

We provide our custom art storage solutions to a wide variety of industries including:

  • Museums
  • Art galleries
  • Art studios
  • Individual artists
  • Schools
  • Art departments
  • Universities

Don’t let your valuable works of art sit around unprotected in your Maryland, DC, or Virginia studio Organize and mount your collection using high quality art racks and screens from Spacesaver Interiors.

Fine Art Storage Solutions for the DC Area & Beyond

Spacesaver Interiors has over 40 years of experience creating comprehensive, highly functional, and creative workplace solutions for businesses across the globe.

Whether you know exactly what you’re looking for or you want to collaborate with our storage experts, we are here to help create a custom storage solution for your collection. Our shelving systems make storage convenient and provide easy access to art work.

Our storage experts have experience working with companies across the DMV area and can help determine which art racks work best in your space. Contact us today for a complimentary art storage brainstorming session.

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