Public Safety

As experts in providing public safety storage solutions we can guarantee systems that are designed for you.

Our experience in working with police departments is that often times lack of space and organization can compromise the chain of custody of evidence. The main challenge is to protect the integrity of your evidence storage throughout the chain of custody with tamper proof evidence locker systems. Looking at evidence storage a whole new way can provide alternative options that full proof the chain of custody and enable growth of long-term evidence storage right within the same footprint.

Beyond evidence storage, our solutions help ensure all of your weapons and law enforcement gear are stored securely for whenever you need it. No need to store your gear off-site or in your vehicle, our gear lockers and FreeStyle lockers are customized to your needs. And optimize your storage efficiency with innovative storage systems to keep all of your important case files and records on hand without wasting valuable space in your office.

Growing needs for inmate property storage at correctional facilities can double the storage with a mobile shelving system enabling facilities to centralize their storage.

Whether you’re looking for a public safety storage system for a law enforcement agency, crime lab, courthouse, correctional facility or fire departments, our storage systems are engineered to fit your custom storage situation. By using industry knowledge and creative problem solving, Spacesaver public safety specialists will design a solution to fit any customer’s unique request. We create the systems to help you, so you can help others.

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