Providing Military Storage Solutions in DC, MD & VA


No matter the company, squadron, or task at hand, our goal at Spacesaver Interiors aims to help you do your job more effectively and efficiently. Military industries require storage solutions that are dependable, reliable, functional, efficient, and easy to transport. No matter where you’re stationed or where you plan to use storage systems, you need them to properly hold and protect your equipment, weapons, uniforms, and any other necessary items. Then, when it’s time to retrieve those items, you need to quickly be able to open your storage unit and distribute them. At Spacesaver, we know that every minute matters in a military setting. We can help improve your overall operations with the right storage systems for your specific needs.

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Take a look at the above brochures to learn more about deployable storage solutions and universal weapons racks. When looking through the images and features, keep in mind that these systems are only starting to scratch the surface when it comes to the systems we provide for military industries. Our diverse range of military storage solutions are designed to precisely match the unique demands of each unit and the objective of each mission.

Military Storage

When it comes to military tasks and missions, you need storage solutions that are going to be reliable, efficient, functional, and mobile. At Spacesaver, our storage systems can assist with:

  • Weapons storage and optics storage for infantry units
  • Military police
  • Training exercises
  • Parachute storage and survival kits for life support squadrons
  • Tools and bench stock for transportation companies
  • Medical and pharmaceutical supplies and equipment for medical groups
  • Technical operating binders for maintenance units
  • Wires and radios for communications squadrons
  • Blueprints and plans for engineering companies
  • Nuts and bolts and bulk supply storage for logistics commands
  • And more!

Types of Military Storage

No matter what kind of storage you’re looking for, we can help! Some of the military storage products we offer include:

  • Handgun storage
  • Shotgun storage
  • Sniper rifle storage
  • Electronic control device storage (ECDs)
  • And more!

At Spacesaver Interiors, we have a large selection of military storage solutions to choose from. Call us at 301-933-9390 today to learn more!  

Military Storage Solutions in DC, MD & VA

If you want to have certainty that your weapons, equipment, and uniforms are properly stored and protected when not in use, you need to call Spacesaver Interiors today. We aim to maximize efficiency by making the most of the available space in your unit or warehouse. Storage systems don’t have to take up a lot of space and create large, bulky obstacles. We provide military storage solutions that are versatile—both for your space constraints and organizational goals. Our professionals have worked with military industries in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC for more than 40 years.

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