Libraries have evolved from just rows of library shelving stacked with books and archive collections to more open spaces that provide patrons with multifunctional co-working spaces. Within both school and public libraries, repurposing has been at the forefront of construction trends in order to build a better sense of community. By condensing collections and reducing the overall storage footprint, libraries are now able to provide areas for collaborative workspaces, meeting rooms, cafes and media rooms.

Spacesaver helps to repurpose libraries by replacing static library shelving with innovative conventional shelving solutions and mobile storage systems. Each Spacesaver library shelving solution, like 4-post and cantilever shelving systems, are designed to fit your specific storage needs and create a space that works for you. Each library that repurposed their space sets the bar higher for another. The library of the future offers more than just books, it provides collaborative spaces and a sense of community.

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