Are you looking to expand your office space? Or make room for raw materials? Or consolidate off-site storage? Or increase the number of SKUs? Or add more machinery? Or increase the capacity of your warehouse? Your storage should be a contributor to workflow effectiveness and productivity. Our high-density mobile storage systems are designed for performance. They are fast, easy, have efficient cube utilization, and have a high return on investment with a quick payback.

Why not make the static shelving in your space…dynamic? Why not make it move? ActivRAC mobile carriage and rail systems enable existing pallet racking or static shelving to move side-to-side, eliminating idle aisles and maximizing square footage, while still providing 100% accessibility to stored items. With load capacities from 7,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs, and easy installation on uneven concrete, ActivRAC systems are the best way to get your shelving moving and start saving valuable floor space.

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