Prince William County Court


As Prince William County grows, the case load of the 31st District Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court increases as well. Juvenile records must be kept confidential and in most cases, cannot be destroyed until the juvenile has turned 19 and five years have passed since the last hearing in his or her case. The combination of county population growth and the resulting increase in records required a review of the storage areas for the files with pending court dates and the juvenile records.


There were approximately 2,700 case files with pending court dates housed in an area behind the court administrative assistants. These files were organized within carts and needed to be kept close at hand for easy access by clerk’s office personnel. The files were organized by the five overseeing judges and represented two years of court dates.

The juvenile files were housed on an older, mobile storage system. These files occupied approximately 40,000 linear filing inches (LFI).

In both situations, the volume of cases had outgrown the available floor space.


The local Spacesaver representative and the management staff of the District Court collaborated to determine the right storage system to meet their growing needs within the space limitations of the courthouse. This also included making room for a private workstation and locker within the juvenile file area.


The area with the pending files increased its storage capacity by 20% in a smaller footprint. The new open shelving made it easier to access the case files quickly. The juvenile files were housed in a new Spacesaver electric storage system with photo sweep. This system met and exceeded all of the safety requirements while creating a more efficient operation. The new footprint allowed for a work area to be designed and installed for confidential access by Court personnel to the records.


“All of us here in J&DR Court would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all of the crew for all that you did on this project from the beginning to completion. Everyone was prompt, professional, patient and most of all flexible. The job was begun and finished ahead of schedule which is fantastic in our view. The men performing the work were neat, courteous and competent. We feel we developed a great working relationship with all of the team and we are very happy with the file system both in our front office and file room. A special thanks to all of the guys who worked hard to maintain some order in our files while on the carts in the hallway and during the transfer to the new system. We knew this would be a difficult job and it seemed seamless to your guys. The leaders and crew were tested every day with constant questions and always answered with a smile. Thanks again for the job well done.”

Joan C. Hughes, Chief Deputy Clerk
Prince William County
Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court

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