How Do You Secure Property Without Sacrificing Your Aesthetic or Your Budget?

Posted on: March 23, 2016

When you picture lockers you probably have visions of high school hallways or a dingy room in the back of the gym where you keep your stuff while you sweat it out on the elliptical; you probably don’t imagine of a modern office. But if you think about it contemporary open concept offices are the perfect place for lockers since employees have less personal space to store their possessions and intellectual property is more valuable than ever. With a vast array of color and finish options personal storage lockers can be custom designed to fit into the overall aesthetic of any office setting. Likewise, lockers can be used to control chain of custody for everything from laptops to paper documents, keeping a company’s intellectual property secure at all times.

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The Transition to Collaborative Workspaces

As more and more businesses move away from cubicles and individual offices employees are left with the dilemma of where to keep their belongings while they’re at work. This becomes especially difficult in “hoteling” offices or in situations where team members work in frequently changing collaborative spaces throughout their buildings. Where someone stores their coat and bag one day may be on the other side of your facility from their workstation the next day.

Many innovative companies are responding to this challenge by placing banks of lockers, which can provide convenient personal storage for everyone, throughout their space. Digital locks can be integrated into the face panels and employees can “reserve” different lockers wherever they go so that they aren’t stuck with inconvenient, out-of-the-way permanent storage. Personal lockers, like those from Hamilton Casework Solutions, can also be designed in practically any size and with a number of different finishes and color patterns so that they reflect the look and feel of the company.

personal storage locker

Are Your Belongings Stored Securely?

Unattended security lockers are also starting to pop up in IT departments because of the extra layer of physical protection they can provide. Lost or stolen hard drives, computers, tablets, or smart phones can lead to big headaches for any organization. For instance, recently the Ministry of Education in British Columbia lost one hard drive containing sensitive personal information on 3.4 million people—would this have happened if proper procedures were in place?

Spacesaver unattended storage lockers allow employees to drop off broken computers, hard drives, equipment, or anything else in a secured location that authorized staff members can access at their convenience, thus maintaining proper chain of custody and limiting the chances that physical or intellectual property is misplaced. This simple solution can offer a huge value it terms of peace of mind for any business, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

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These are just a few examples of the ways in which companies are integrating lockers into their workspace without sacrificing the aesthetic of their office or their facilities budget. So, whether you’re thinking about converting to an open concept office, moving to a shared “hoteling” space, or if you’re interested in improving the chain of command of your company’s property, Spacesaver Interiors storage consultants are here to help.

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