Design resources for Health Care

Our world is changing so fast and changing with it, are the needs of healthcare facilities to be able to effectively treat and support our health and wellbeing. Advancements in surgery, monitoring, and even treatment demand that the structures that manage critical resources are well-designed. As we research best-in-class architectural and interior design for health care, we often refer to the websites and resources listed for inspiration and up-to-date information.

Health-Care Design Magazine

Serving architects, interior designers, hospital administrators, facility managers, engineers and the construction community at large, this magazine focuses on all aspects of the construction of healthcare facilities. Through their website, magazine, social media and hosted events, they are able to communicate the current healthcare landscape and promote its evolution.

Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments

SAGE advocates for improved building environments for older adults. The partnership between builders, facilitators and residents creates a collaborative environment that ensures that the needs of older adults are being met.

American Hospital Association

This national organization represents hospitals, healthcare networks, patients and their communities ensuring that all parties are heard during healthcare policy development at the government level.

Health Facilities Management

This is a publication of the American Hospital Association that, through the voices of hospital administrators, facilities managers, equipment suppliers, engineers and architects, seeks to address the unique issues and needs facing healthcare facilities and hospitals today.

The Center for Health Design

Pioneering healthcare and design professionals committed believe that design could improve patient outcomes in healthcare environments and the idea caught on. They seek to make healthcare facilities not just safe and healthy, but to promote wellness through design. Members range from healthcare providers to designers to construction and NGOs.

Health Environments Research & Design Journal

A peer reviewed journal that features research papers and evidence-based articles all centered around the role environment plays on patient care. Practices and trends are discussed among healthcare providers, organizational and environmental designers for best possible outcomes.

Medical Construction and Design Magazine

This magazine features new projects in exteriors, interiors, green sustainability, as well as industry news and facilities management.

Modern Health Care News

Modern Health Care covers trends in healthcare business, policy news and research and information. They ask the tough questions and provide in-depth analysis of the industry.

Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design

One of a growing number of organizations that sees the importance of addressing the environments in which healthcare takes place. There is a growing understanding that patient health is impacted by environment in which they are receiving care. They began this quest when there was a void for this kind of information.

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism

The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism focuses on health care and benefit management. Health Care consumerism is a movement afoot that seeks to put the purchasing power of good health care in the hands of the consumer. This organization supports health care consumerism and is comprised of individuals at all ends of the health care management industry.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

The belief here is that patients are in the best position to manage their own health care when they have access to their own records through the use of information technology. The HIMSS produces education, events, market research and media services globally to benefit the relationship between the health care world and IT.

Healthcare Leadership Council

Executives representing every discipline of the healthcare industry – hospitals, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, biotech firms, health product distributors to work together to develop the policies that will govern their industry and stay ahead of the needs of 21st century health care, and to make it accessible to all Americans regardless of their income or insurance.

Healthcare Distribution Management Association

Representing primary pharmaceutical distributors, they are the link between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers. Advocates for standards, public policies and business processes, their primary mission is to ensure safe, lifesaving pharmaceutical products for patients.

American College of Healthcare Architects

American College of Healthcare Architects provides certification for architects who practice as healthcare specialists.

The Healthcare Supply Chain Association

This association focuses on advocacy, education, ethics, information, and acts as a liaison between purchasing medical groups and providers of healthcare supplies and pharmaceuticals.

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