Design for the Education industry

Furniture in an educational environment should be efficient in its use of space, functional in its ability to provide ample seating and writing space, and ergonomic. It should provide the student with a comfortable, undistracted learning environment and meet the needs of any learning institution’s administration, while accommodating the budgetary constraints of the industry. As we research best-in-class architectural and interior design for education, we often refer to the websites and resources listed for inspiration and up-to-date information.

Society for College and University Planning

As an organization of higher education leaders that manage planning on their campuses and for the professionals who support them, their priority is maximizing space capabilities for everything from storing paperwork, books and sporting equipment, to the classroom. Their belief in integrated planning makes them an ideal example of SI’s ability to support colleges and universities.

Association for Continuing Higher Education

ACHE considers education a lifelong pursuit, and they are dedicated to encouraging continued learning and professional development. Desking systems can be customized to accommodate training rooms or conference rooms and stackable chairs are the perfect fit for the conferences and seminars they host across the country throughout the year.

EDUTOPIA What works in education

Edutopia is the online community of the George Lucas Education Foundation, an organization George Lucas developed to keep education stimulating and interesting for children. Lucas wants to support schools in their untapped potential to truly engage students and inspire them to become active, lifelong learners. Desking systems can be adjusted to any shape, size, and height to support a school’s efforts to create a positive environment to learn, engage and absorb.

U.S. Green Building Council, Center for Green Schools

Three pillars comprise the mission of the Center for Green Schools – environmental impact, human health, and eco-literacy. They teach it, support it, they live it and support schools in the greening of existing operations and making sustainability a part of every school’s curriculum. SI’s CEO, Amy Hamilton is a LEED Certificate Associate and can work with any organization to provide sustainable products and support efforts toward LEED certification.

ED-Tech Technology Solutions That Drive Education

EDTech is a magazine published by the Fortune500 tech solutions company, CDW, with the technology and education issues facing teachers and students in grades K-12 in mind. It is a tool on the cutting edge of education, spotlighting topics including the devices your kids use to learn to cloud storage to data management and the internet, and everything in between. Tech savvy SI has desk options and accessories that support all the latest technology and learning, such as drafting desks, Led lighting, monitor arms, movable white boards or screens, modular power, and sound masking. SI also offers Infolinx Systems Solutions, the leading provider of physical record management software.

Education Next

A journal that seeks to provide factual information to parents and teachers based on research and responsible arguments with no allegiance to a given ideology other than that the need for change in the American education system is overdue. Topics include standards and testing, government and politics, inside schools, and school policy.

STEM Education Coalition

An advocacy group focused on awareness at the government level of the need for greater support of education in the fields of mathematics, science, engineering and technology in order to remain not just relevant but competitive in the global market. This includes everything from how schools teach and support students who excel in these subjects but to expand the US workforce pipeline.

U.S. Department of Education

ED’s mission is to promote student achievement and preparation for global competitiveness by fostering educational excellence and ensuring equal access. SI’s services and equipment benefit federal agencies across the board, in records management, office organization solutions, and recommendations for classroom layouts that lend themselves to a better learning environment.

School Construction News

This industry magazine specializes in educational facility construction and operation, read by the entire spectrum of players within the construction process – from school administrators to facility managers, designers, architects, and contractors. SI knows that space is at a premium in any educational facility and that high density mobile shelving is highly effective in solving space limitations that educational facilities experience. SI also offers a wide selection of seating, modular desking and storage options to match the need of each building being constructed.


edSurge is on the cutting edge of education, focusing its research and information dissemination on education technology. There is an education technology community of made up of entrepreneurs and educators and edSurge offers information about what new technologies will and won’t support learning.

College Planning & Management Magazine

This magazine and online resource covers topics including construction methods and materials, cost and funding, furniture and equipment, healthy schools, maintenance and operations, planning and design, sustainability and performance, and, of course, technology, all in how they pertain to college management. SI understand the issues surrounding LEED compliance and certification and how it relates to education design.

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