Location: St. Mary’s City, MD

Historic St. Mary’s City (HSMC) was organized in 1967 to preserve, protect, and interpret the landscape of the original settlement site of Maryland. The museum is still actively excavating various archaeological sites and its collection grows nearly every day. In addition to performing typical curatorial and conservation tasks, HSMC staff also teach classes on-site.

After years of struggling with collections storage issues, HSMC was given the chance to design and build a facility for storing artifacts and records as well as teaching with them. HSMC staff worked within strict space and budget constraints to create workspaces and collections care areas that would allow them to efficiently accommodate current and future growth. To allow for this, the museum’s paper records were boxed and stored onto Spacesaver® systems, while extra-large drawers and cabinets were designed by Spacesaver Corporation’s in-house engineering team to accommodate oversized artifacts. Since we were brought on early in the project design phase, the room was designed to bear the weight of the system and the rails were integrated directly into the floor.