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Evolving companies and organizations mean spaces to match

The speed of doing business is speeding up, not slowing down. And, amidst the constant change of your supply chain, logistics, marketing, and technology, there’s another environment that needs to follow suit — the spaces you and your employees work, now more than ever.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking at everything — from the way we work, to how we interact with the people and the spaces around us and even the materials and surfaces we touch. And it’s not just workplaces — universities, apartments, and other buildings need to evolve as well.

In this evolving open office, provide a locker solution that becomes practically touchless with the use of a phone app or badge, break up open spaces with multi-functional storage walls that are not permanent, provide smart parcel lockers that limit the touch and provide the perk to employees of personal shipments. There’s no shortage of tools at your disposal to create the right space for your employees.

At the Center of These Evolving Spaces is Storage

Think about it for a minute. Employees arrive at any space with their own belongings that are important to them — and that they need to keep safe. At the same time, storage can — and needs to — do more than simply store what’s important to us. With the right application, storage options — specifically temporary and day-use lockers — can create secure spaces for employee belongings and be a seamless part of the spaces you’re already using.


Turn your blank walls into optimized space for personal belongings, parcel drop-off and pick-up, food and dry-cleaning delivery, and more. The lockers can also align with the look and feel of your building and brand with signature colors and custom graphics.


Ensure your temporary or moveable walls do double-duty. Embedding lockers into freestanding walls can break up the open spaces where space delineation is needed. These partitions can still create the feel of an open office while breaking the space up to help slow the spread of pathogens without creating permanence.


If wall space is tough to come by, and partitions only solve part of the challenge, another way to hide your lockers in plain sight by making them part of stand-alone furniture in your space. We can design custom islands, desks, and other furniture pieces to provide storage and a workspace all in one.

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Evolving Spaces and the Modern Office

Learn more about the latest trends and changes with the pandemic and how businesses are evolving their spaces and storage.

Furniture for Office

Maximize your time and space with proper furniture solutions

Finding the perfect furniture for your office building can be difficult, especially if you’re dealing with a limited amount of space, expanding workforce or are trying to accommodate various functions while working within a set budget. No matter the office, corporate culture, performance or budgetary needs, Spacesaver Interiors can help you find the office furniture solutions that are perfect for your unique needs.

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Get Inspired with New Seating Configurations

This 8-page thought-starter brochure will take you through some pre-COVID and post-COVID desking configurations. We share some ideas with you on how to de-densify your desking and create safe environment for your employees.

Casework for Office

Flexible solutions for your ever-changing needs

A well-planned and organized office space is more productive and more efficient. Whether you want to bring light into your workspace, optimize your work rooms, organize your library or want day-use lockers for your office, Spacesaver Interiors can help you create convenient and innovative modular casework solutions for your space.

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Casework Solutions for Workspaces

Hamilton Casework Solutions provides answers for the way people work. Recognized for innovative responses to office trends, we develop practical and personalized solutions for our clients.

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