Hotel Hospitality Trends to Expect in 2022

Guest satisfaction is top priority when it comes to the hospitality industry. Guests are always looking for better, more personalized experiences, and being aware of the arising needs of the customer can keep you in front of the game before the rest. Along with this, hotels must work to improve efficiency and functionality to improve the customer’s quality of stay. Here are a few hotel hospitality trends that will likely be seen in 2022.

Smart Technology

People look to hotel hospitality to spice up their average, boring daily routines. Make your guest’s living routine spicier by offering a simpler, more convenient, and more fun experience. Some great ways to do this include smart technology, like smart and secure storage. You can do this by offering the following:

  • Individual room smart lockers. Implement a temporary use smart locker into each room instead of a general safe. By implementing a smart locker, not only do you have more control over design and functionality, but guests can set up and open their locker with an easy-to-use app on their phone.
  • Guest-use smart locker banks. Implement a smart locker bank in the lobby of your hotel for guests to place luggage or other valuables they need stored as needed. Or, implement smart lockers in the hotel gym for a safer, more convenient gym experience. 
  • Contactless food delivery lockers. Use package delivery lockers as a way for hotel guests to pick up their food deliveries in the lobby, while limiting contact and increasing security. 

Higher Health Expectations

Even though the pandemic has died down, COVID has still permanently changed the way people focus on the cleanliness of hotels and other shared spaces. It is now an even higher expectation that hotel rooms are sanitized and disinfected to the highest of standards. To meet guests’ standards, hotels continue to implement easy-to-clean materials on high-touch surfaces such as tables, furniture, lockers, and more.

Streamlined & Automated Amenities

Guests will continue to expect a variety of amenities and services, but with even greater ease and efficiency. Some examples of this include booking and check-in automation, predictive smart systems, smart recognition, and more. Hotels will use the data on these technologies to improve daily functions, giving guests better, more tailored experiences. Everything will be streamlined and connected, more so than it already is, and hotels that don’t keep up with it run the risk of being seen as dated.

To keep up with these expectations, hotels must implement better organization to get ahead of real-time requests and data forecasts. This starts with better storage. Whether it’s pallet racks for laundry room storage, cleaning supplies, dishes, uniforms, or anything else, having the right storage solutions allow for quicker and more purposeful searching and retrieving in back rooms.

Let’s do it!

All of these trends have one thing in common: A more streamlined and comfortable guest service experience. Here at Spacesaver Interiors, we are dedicated to supporting you and your guest’s needs. To learn more about our Hospitality Storage solutions, click here.

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