Here Comes 2022; Automotive Trends

As we look to the future, there is widespread agreement that the automotive industry is heading for disruption. From all sides, dealerships and their parts & service departments are seeing shifts in consumer behavior. From e-commerce to aging cars and new trends in automotive storage, below are 3 trends we expect to see in 2022 and beyond.

1. E-commerce

The idea of e-commerce is nothing new to the aftermarket parts industry. The struggle lies in ensuring a quality customer experience. The growing demands of consumers, from competition such as Amazon, pushes for expedited order fulfillment.  More than 60% of customers want products delivered in less than three days. Competition due to e-commerce opening up the marketplace and increasing accessibility to low-cost imports has been and will continue to increase dramatically. Having an efficient inventory management system and a quality website has never been more important.

2. Cars are getting older and lasting longer

The average age of a car on the road is now 11.3 years, that’s a 14% increase in age! As we know, the older the car, the more parts it will eventually need. Having a wide variety of parts to provide to an aging market as well as newer models will be a key to success. However, storing a competitive inventory faces its own challenges, namely space. Vertical Lift Modules can increase storage capacity by double without increasing your storage footprint.

3. Electric and Hybrid Cars

There has been an increase in electric vehicle and hybrid vehicle ownership, with registrations for such vehicles rising 64%. While still just a minority of cars on the road, making space for them in your parts department now will go a long way. So will training your personnel in the new technologies. Having EV and hybrid parts is one way to create and sustain competition through market disruptions and will firmly cement yourself in the minds of your customers.

All in all, 2022 looks like an exciting year for the automotive industry! E-commerce, older cars, and EV will drastically change the look of the parts department. These trends will demand more storage space and increased efficiency. Let Spacesaver Interiors help you tackle these challenges and grow your business. Contact us today!

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