Healthcare Storage

Keeping your storage on site, in sight & on hand

Strategic supply management affects every aspect of healthcare. When designed properly, comprehensive healthcare storage solutions can help hospitals, medical, pharmaceutical companies and other healthcare facilities improve patient care and efficiencies, control costs, while saving space and time. At Spacesaver Interiors, we know that proper healthcare storage directly impacts the patient experience. We will help you create well-organized storage areas that will promote better patient care by allowing staff to spend more time with patients, reducing risk of mix-ups & infection.

Reconsidering the Way We Work, Interact and Even Touch

The COVID-19 pandemic has us reconsidering the way we work, to how we interact with the people and the spaces around us and even the materials and surfaces we touch. Choosing smart materials and reducing the number of surfaces medical professionals and patients have to come in contact with can help mitigate the transfer of pathogens throughout a building.

Consider Touch-Less Lockers For Your Medical Professionals

Touch-less lockers provide your medical professionals a nearly touchless experience. Using your existing badge (RFID card) staff is able to access their locker to keep their personal belongings for the day without touching any shared surfaces like keypads or knobs. And with no lock mounted to the front of the locker door, ease of wiping down and disinfecting is a breeze.

Designing spaces that allow medical professionals to feel safe, a chance to breathe or feel like their belongings are cared for — can help communicate that the hospital not only cares for their patients but also their employees.

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This 4-page brochure shares more information with you about Touch-less Lockers for Medical Professionals. Learn the benefits, materials and technology that make these lockers practically touchless.

Featured Case Study

Sterile Supply on a Mission

With a Spacesaver LEVPro system, Bryan Health’s trauma center was able to align its sterile storage system with its mission to improve patient care.

Furniture for Healthcare

Improve patient care by improving your space

Well-designed healthcare solutions can help hospitals, pharmacies, medical offices and other facilities increase efficiency, effectiveness, convey comfort, promote wellness and minimize the risk of contamination.

By creating a space that allows for increased functionality, you don’t have to worry about interrupting patient care to navigate your space. At Spacesaver Interiors, we will help you design areas to help patients get better, by making them feel better, leaving you with more time to focus on the things and the people that matter most.

Casework for Healthcare

Strategic solutions for better patient care

Properly designed casework solutions can improve patient care and optimize workflows in hospitals, medical and pharmaceutical facilities. No matter the area, we offer healthcare solutions that meet your every need while complying with facility standards. Whether creating dynamic spaces with architectural walls or casework solutions for storing and organize necessities, Spacesaver Interiors can help you create solutions to make your caring environments easier for clinicians and their patients.

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Products for Healthcare

Eagle Group supports materials managers through a comprehensive line of storage, transport and security products for the entire healthcare organization. From Surgical Services to Sterile Processing, Supply and beyond, Eagle offers solutions to meet the needs of your department.

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