Providing High Quality Systems to Offices in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC

Systems allow customization, collaboration, and your choice of configuration. At Spacesaver Interiors, we offer a number of systems to meet the wants and demands of your office environment. Because we offer design services, you will have full control over the style and functionality of your system. All design decisions are made by you, including the size, shape, storage, surface area, material, finish, mounting, and more!

Types of Systems

We want your systems and work stations to cater to your unique needs, so we offer a variety of options for you to choose from. We encourage you to expand your designs from these options, as they are simply suggestions.

  • Panel systems. These systems are available in single, segmented, glass, stack and fabric, marker board and slat tile configurations in permanent and reconfigurable varieties. Panel systems can be customized per workstation, and built at different heights, to meet the specific privacy, acoustical needs while providing interactivity and workspace needs of each person.
  • Benching systems. These can be an excellent alternative to panel systems in an open plan office environment. Benching defines space boundaries between workstations—while also acting as a work surface or storage unit or even additional seating—but maintains a collaborative environment for the free flow exchange of ideas between coworker.
  • Wall-mounted systems. These systems capitalize on architecture and can incorporate benching, panels, work surfaces, storage units and your choice of finish, as well.
  • Desking systems. Maximize cubicle-type choice and customization with our top-of-the-line desking systems.
  • And more. When you choose Spacesaver Interiors, the design options are endless!

System Solutions for Your Office in DC, MD, or VA

With our system solutions, we aim to provide your office in DC, MD, or Northern VA with functionality and creativity. Having systems that foster teamwork and inventive, collaborative work spaces can improve office morale and productivity.

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