Different areas within your company have different purposes and require unique consideration when planning.

Spacesaver Interiors loves to hlep companies transform by optimizing the way people work, interact and engage. There is no one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution. Providing a high-performance space for a team, for instance, entails more than sitting the individuals next to one another. We represent over 100 manufacturers. This allows us to provide a range of options that will accommodate various aesthetics, performance needs, and budgetary requirements.

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We know how important your workspace is, and we’re proud to help you furnish it with teamwork, efficiency, and productivity in mind. In fact, we love helping companies plan and design spaces. So we’re not just going to sell you furniture. We’re going to design a custom solution that fits your needs—because your company’s unique, and your workspace needs to reflect that.

We’re also going to listen carefully so that we fully understand your space challenges, and to ensure that we design a workspace that solves your unique problems. Our designers are experienced working in a range of industries, including health-care and hospitals, schools and universities, law firms, and law enforcement.

We partner with more than 100 manufacturers. So when it comes time to implement a design that meets your specific needs, our access to furniture suppliers is unparalleled. View our furniture line card » This means we’re able to find the perfect desk system, design a huddle space for each area, or furnish your main conference room so that it performs and inspires! Whatever your taste, corporate culture, performance needs, or budget, we can offer you the options that are right for you.

Are you a design professional?

We can help you with specifications, provide comprehensive CAD drawings of solutions, and work with you to provide sustainable products to support your goal for LEED certification. We are happy to be an integral part of your team and meet with clients as much or as little as you would need.

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