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Reinventing your space with open plan furniture

Armed with our experience and knowledge of furniture and commercial interiors, we listen carefully to our customers’ needs to create the best solution for each individual situation. Whether you want to create an open office plan for your new space, update your look or maximize your footprint, our team can help you transform your space.

Booths and Cocoons can be a perfect addition to an open office plan; they provide privacy for independent work, phone calls or small group meetings. We offer a range of quality products and to add to your workspace.

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BCI cocoon series

Co-Working Space

The Cocoon is a wood modular system (standard white melamine) designed around components that can be used both horizontally and vertically. The modules can be combined and arranged to suit the room’s need or activity.

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We partner with a wide-range of furniture manufacturers, so when it comes to implementing a design that best meets your specific needs, our access to furniture is unparalleled.
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