Are You Stacking Your Hospital Beds? You Should Be.

Posted on: March 28, 2017

There is a considerable array of things that may challenge your hospital or healthcare facility when it comes to storage. Disorganization, a lack of shelving, and improper storage solutions–even small tools can take up valuable space—can create inefficiency in hospitals. But of all of these, absolutely nothing takes up more usable space than a hospital bed. Want to find a way to store your unused beds safely, securely, and in a manner that preserves usable space in your office? Spacesaver Interiors says you should be thinking vertical!

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Why Hospital Beds Are so Challenging

Beds may go unused for many reasons, be it waiting on wing renovation, stored spare beds, or even beds waiting to be serviced. But regardless of the why, the fact remains that beds take up considerable amounts of space, and are exceptionally cumbersome. That means when you have to store beds, entire rooms dedicated to keeping them may not be enough.

Verticality for Storage Solutions with Hospital Beds

So, what’s the best way to make many beds take up little space? Make them all occupy the same spot, of course! By utilizing modern storage solutions, bed stacking tools similar to customized vertical carousels may be used in order to compact and stack beds safely. The result is four, five, or even more beds all taking up the space a single bed would, opening up entire storage areas for better use.

These innovative storage solutions can be as simple or complex as your needs demand, being manual or automated, giving you fast access to beds that no longer demand many, many rooms just to house. This means not only are your beds taking up far less space, but you have now freed up tons of additional space in which to place shelving, mobile shelving, filing solutions, or anything else your business may need.

Innovative, Customized Storage Services for Hospitals

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