6 Qualities You Should Look for When Selecting Furniture for Healthcare Environments

Posted on: June 14, 2017

Planning on revamping your healthcare facility’s furniture, but not sure where to get started? Or maybe you’re just looking for ways to improve what you already have. Either way, the team at Spacesaver Interiors can help you find the perfect furniture and storage options with six easy points.

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Features All Good Healthcare Furniture Should Have

So what makes for great furniture in a healthcare environment?

  1. Safety. Of course it has to be safe, but what is typically considered safe isn’t always safe for everyone. People come in countless shapes, sizes, ages, and more—and that means your furniture needs to be able to accommodate this for safety (and comfort) reasons. Seating should be sensible and size-appropriate, either meaning you supply seating of all sizes or choose it according to a one fits all mentality.
  2. Cleanliness. The communication of bacteria and microbes is frighteningly easy, and even choosing the wrong furniture can complicate this further. If you must choose fabrics choose those that are easy to clean and preferably those that have antimicrobial properties. Where possible choose stain-resistant materials that lack crevices where mess accumulates.
  3. Comfort. This is a place of healing and stiff backs or cramped legs are going to help no one! In order to improve reception areas and waiting rooms seek out seating and tables that are built ergonomically. And while you’re at it, seek to offer equally comfortable amenities to staff—working comfortably helps to boost productivity and worker satisfaction.
  4. Space saving qualities. Space is at a premium in any industry, and possibly none more so than healthcare. Merging chairs and tables is a good place to start, as is choosing furniture specifically built to be both comfortable and minimalistic. You can also save tons of space with some specialized hospital beds as well.
  5. Mobility. Furniture will need to be moved for one reason or another—cleaning, maintenance, even just redecorating. For this reason make as much of your furniture mobile as possible. Rolling casters are your friend, as are lightweight building materials.
  6. Cost-effectiveness. Outfitting an entire healthcare facility is costly and there’s really no way around that. But at the same time you can make smarter, more cost-effective decisions when it comes to furniture. It’s all about finding a design and service team that has your unique needs at heart, and one that can offer unique advantages.

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