How Can Modular Cabinets Enhance Storage?

Posted on: December 20, 2016

Whether you rent or own your office space, it’s likely that you’re lacking the storage you need. After a few years in a space, your files, supplies, and equipment begin to add up—leaving you struggling to neatly store all your belongings. So what options does that leave you with?

Don’t let bulky traditional office furniture occupy the majority of your office’s floor space. When you are looking to improve flexibility in your office space while increasing cost savings, space, and productivity, look no further than modular cabinets. At Spacesaver Interiors, we understand that square footage is at a premium for businesses. With this in mind, we began offering modular furniture that promote space saving designs and concepts for offices.

At Spacesaver Interiors, we only install the best products that will make your workplace run more efficiently. Contact us to learn how you could benefit from modular cabinets from Hamilton Casework Solutions.

Flexible Storage Configurations

Renters like modular cabinets because of their flexible configurations. You might use the cabinets for office equipment in the beginning, but decide later on you want to use them to store your kitchen supplies. Simply reconfigure the cabinets to fit the height and width you need for the change. You can’t do this with regular cabinets—your only alternative would be to buy new cabinets.

The adjustable shelves and organizing modules are easily integrated with the cabinet solutions to meet specific storage and accessibility requirements of any activity. Adjustability on 1” increments easily facilities expansion and contraction of shelf capacity, eliminating wasted space between shelves. In this sense, modular cabinets can save you money and time.

Mobilize Your Office Space

The ability to maximize your work area is a key benefit of modular products. While mobilizing products is one way to maximize space. It’s no secret that square footage is at a premium for most businesses—especially in the Washington, DC area. That’s why modular cabinets make a great fit. Think about it. If you increase your number of employees and need to reorganize your office, you will need to rethink your storage. Maybe you just get a lot more equipment and need to double the number of cabinets if your space. All of our modular cabinet options for businesses in the DC area can easily be reconfigured and expanded.

Versatile Storage Options

Free standing modular cabinets aren’t the only option we provide to businesses in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Some modular cabinets are designed to hang on walls, making them a real space saver in a small office space. Some modular cabinets fit neatly under staircases and other areas that traditional storage solutions might not, giving you flexible and versatile options for storage. Remember, you can configure the shelves to fit your needs, which means you can set them up in tucked away places!

Choose Spacesaver Interiors for Modular Cabinets in DC, MD & VA

Storage can be a huge issue for both commercial and government workplaces such as police precincts, law offices, hospitals, medical offices, and museums. We get that. That’s why at Spacesaver Interiors, we don’t just sell you a cookie-cutter storage system. We develop a larger strategy that works for your unique workplace.

Ensure your workplace is productive with custom modular cabinets from Spacesaver Interiors. Our solutions make storage convenient, allow for more space, and provide quick access to items! Our custom cabinet experts have worked with many Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC business owners like you and can help determine which storage solutions work best within your unique space.

Contact us online or give us a call at 301-933-9390 for a complimentary storage brainstorming session.

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