How to Maximize Public Safety Storage

Posted on: October 20, 2017

Public safety storage and personnel storage systems are both some of the most vital and at-risk document and item containers in the whole of the storage industry. Within them are held tons of information and tools that, if exploited, could lead to serious personal and private harm. Because of this, public safety storage systems and the businesses that handle them are looking for new and innovative ways to address arising issues.

At Spacesaver Interiors, we take the safety and security of the systems we provide very seriously. We understand how vital your stored items can be; we understand how vulnerable they can be as well. That’s why we’re discussing three of the biggest tips you need to take to heart in order to maximize your public safety storage.

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Address & Accommodate for New Storage

The odds are pretty good that your facility or office wasn’t built recently. For that reason and more, your storage is probably pretty inadequate these days! The things being stored in 2017 (going on 2018) are far different than they were in decades past. Personal information documents are more robust and have more sensitive information, law enforcement collects DNA routinely now, and firearms are getting more advanced every single day.

Essentially, we’re saying your storage needs to keep up with the times. Update your:

  • Lockers with modern security systems
  • Shelving systems with secure mobile shelving
  • Armory with more organizational tools and more secure storage systems

Make Your Focus About Organization

The word security gets tossed around a lot. We’ve even used the word multiple times already in this blog post. However, it is ultimately a lack of organization that puts pinholes in public safety storage. Items being misplaced or lost will lead to big trouble far more often than miscreants. Because of this, your storage systems need to be secure physically, of course, but they also need to be expertly organized. Make your storage:

  • Accessible
  • Simple and efficient
  • Adequate in size
  • Clear and clean-cut

Still using a jumble of filing cabinets or shelves packed so full they’re about to fall apart? If so, you need to rethink your storage and create a plan that boosts efficiency—then security will follow far more easily.

Utilize the Help of Professionals

Major projects, and particularly ones that involve such valuable and sensitive items as those held in public safety storage, tend to be a pretty big deal. So, why go about it all alone? You don’t hire your neighbor to wire your home outlets or call in Bob from accounting to go on patrol.

So why plan your storage without the help of an expert? Storage efficiency audits can be exceptionally valuable, helping you address weaknesses in your public safety storage system and finding cost-efficient and effective ways of fixing them.

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