What Is the Best Layout for a Corporate Office?

Posted on: April 26, 2017

The initial planning and layout of your corporate office is vital in a variety of ways. Your design is going to be many people and business associate’s first impression of your company as a whole. If the design is disjointed, nonsensical, or too flat, you’re going to give a really bad vibe, potentially harming business, and even leaving your own employees listless and lost.

Spacesaver Interiors has been helping businesses to build ideal corporate office spaces for years. Looking for your “best” or ideal layout? We might have the solutions you’ve been searching for.

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Design Layout Pointers for Corporate Office Spaces

No single design or layout is going to work for absolutely everyone. Business is hugely diverse, and you may have entirely different goals from your neighboring corporate offices and businesses. However, there are some things that all successful, well-designed spaces carry in common.

Your design is a reflection of your business.

More than anything else, you want your design to reflect you as a company. If your business is fun, hip, and up to date, don’t go for standardized cubicles and drab color. For businesses that are more clean-cut and traditional, think more “handsome” and sophisticated, rather than boring and washed out.

For either design type, custom furniture can be a godsend. Companies like Spacesaver Interiors offer you a wide variety of solutions that allow you to really make the personality of your space shine.

Your design should be clean, clear, and focused.

No matter what kind of corporate space you’re building, design should be clear and straightforward. Labyrinthine desk mazes and haphazard seating is a definite no. Your design should filter traffic easily and naturally, meaning adequate storage is a major factor, too. Everything needs a place to keep things smooth and simple.

Keep lighting functional and sound to a minimum.

Lighting is an often ignored but very important factor in design. Light should be clear, clean, and expertly planned. If lighting is too poor, you stand to stress out staff and even potentially harm visitors. Too bright, and you make everyone feel examined and uncomfortable. Keep it balanced, not overbearing!

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