Innovative Ways to Enhance Student Spaces

Posted on: January 18, 2017

The ways in which student space is utilized has a more than appreciable impact on learning and growth. An area that makes effective use of space can improve the learning experience, while a space that is cluttered and poorly utilized can hinder. There is little room for learning when chaos is involved. The trouble being, of course, that space is somewhat limited. Your goal is to optimize your space and enhance it with comfortable, effective furniture and adequate storage, while also staying within budget constraints.

A difficult task, you may say, but at Spacesaver Interiors, we say we can tackle the challenge! Are you looking for innovative, effective ways to tame student space and improve the functionality of campus facilities? If so, we may have some ideas and methods that would prove particularly useful.

Innovative Ways to Optimize Learning Spaces

When storage and space are involved, it is all relative to design. The initial design (or of course the update of your design) should take into account the needs of students and faculty, while being malleable enough to accommodate changes in the future.

On Tackling Capacity vs. Innovation

One of the biggest challenges you’ll likely encounter when considering a revamp of learning space is the question of space itself. The inclusion of furnishings and learning tools tends to take up some measure of room, after all. However, the trick here is simple, and it is one our team knows well.

Your best recourse on this is to choose furnishings designed to save space, while also being functional, comfortable, and for lack of better term, useful. We’re not talking about diagram-heavy, clunky folding tables and shoddy mail order furnishings. We’re talking about superior products that are actually designed to meet these needs.

Furnishings that serve dual or multiple purposes are particularly effective, including things such as table or counter spaces that also feature shelving and storage, killing two birds with the same proverbial stone.

Making Effective Use of Storage

Storage may well be one of the most difficult challenges when improving student space. There’s just a large amount of stuff to deal with, and effective storage isn’t all that easy to come by. Or is it? You may find your answers in:

  • Moving storage vertically. Take a moment to look at the walls of your student spaces, and let us know what you find. A map, perhaps. Bulletin board? A few errant papers? If these are your answers, then you really must move your storage vertically. Wall space is a blank slate, easily filled with ample storage so that you can de-clutter and undo the chaos in student spaces!
  • A home for all things. Organization is always key, as you undoubtedly know. Unfortunately, students may not always be so inclined. Clearly define storage space, and identify in great detail where everything is intended to go, and you may soon find yourself in a more orderly and effective learning space.

Malleable, Useful Learning Space

It is rare to encounter learning spaces that are used for a single purpose. Classes and subjects share space, and in order to accommodate this effectively a room must be somewhat malleable. Choosing adaptable and movable furniture or furnishings that can suit a variety of purposes can save space and improve overall function.

Storage Solutions for Education Facilities in DC, MD & VA

Spacesaver Interiors offers innovative ways to efficiently store more in the same amount of space, including novel approaches to expanding library collections storage, an assortment of sports equipment storage options, ideas for bulk food and kitchen supplies storage, music department storage, storing tools and parts or safety equipment as well as campus police—all critical applications to ensuring a safe and productive campus.

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