What Is High Density Mobile Shelving?

Posted on: March 28, 2017

The word “shelving” typically conjures up rows upon rows of underutilized, only somewhat organized storage space. Often enough to accommodate storage shelves a business has to dedicate entire sections or rooms to that single purpose.

But what if Spacesaver Interiors told you there was a better, more efficient option? What if we told you high-density mobile shelving can provide you with more space, better organization, and a safer work environment? Well it can; today we’re going to tell you how!

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What Is High Density Mobile Shelving?

You recognize the shelving part well enough, but what’s all this high-density and mobile business? Well, they’re the secret to why this system is so effective. The two terms synergize in this instance in order to provide you with a more effective and reliable solution.

High density mobile shelving specifically addresses one of the biggest weak points of shelving: the aisles. Along with those shelves you have to allow for adequate space between each shelf, and this space is typically twice as wide as the shelves themselves. The result is underutilized space. High density mobile shelving removes the problem by making your shelving mobile so that it compacts into a high-density storage space.

Specifically, the shelving is placed on a track system, allowing you to effectively move or even collapse your shelving. Space it out the way you need it, or run it all to one side of the room, opening up the entire rest of your space for whatever you need it for! High-density mobile shelving can make your business:

  • Safer
  • More efficient
  • More adaptable
  • And more productive!

What Businesses Can Benefit from High Density Mobile Shelving?

Any business that regularly stores stock, products, or tools is going to benefit from high-density shelving. That includes:

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