Classroom Furniture: Does it Impede or Improve Learning?

Posted on: August 24, 2017

When our team at Spacesaver Interiors handles classroom and educational spaces, we’re often faced with the same question: does furniture impact learning at all? It’s a very important question and one we feel is significant enough to warrant a fairly in-depth discussion. In this blog post, we’ll answer this question and provide some recommendations that we believe can benefit your classroom space!

What Is Furniture’s Impact on Learning?

So, does it help? Or does it hurt? Well, classroom furniture can actually do either. The impact of furniture in a learning space is pretty huge, and that applies to furniture used for both storage and functionality. Depending on the kind, the size, the shape, and the location—classroom furniture can really make a difference in how your students are learning.

The Role of Storage in Learning

You might not think that storage solutions or shelving systems can benefit or impact the learning experience in a classroom, but that’s not true. These elements help to create a level of order, streamlining the learning process. Whether you need classroom furniture for younger students or college students, education requires a lot of materials, some of which are needed routinely, while others are used much more infrequently.

Insufficient storage can make a classroom much less functional. Not being able to find items in a pile of disorganized drawers is bad enough, but completely lacking adequate storage is even worse. This leaves your notecards, books, pencils, and other teaching supplies to the whims of the class, quickly creating a distracting and disorganized mess that is also difficult to sift through.

The quick conclusion: Functional storage solutions create streamlined classes and easy learning, while inefficient storage leads to wasted time and frustration. Why spend time looking for necessary teaching tools, when you could actually be teaching?

Why Classroom Furniture Improves Learning

All pieces of furniture in an educational space can have an impact on your students. This includes chairs, tables, and desks. However, proper classroom furniture should do three things:

  • Aid in the type of learning your classroom engages in. Is your classroom flipped, an assembly hall, or a traditional classroom? Your furniture should reflect your needs and any classroom constraints you may have. Otherwise, you’re simply wasting space!
  • Be easily adjusted. Classrooms and classes often share space, but don’t necessarily always have the same needs. A speech or a discussion class, for example, might want tables and desks facing inward for easier communication. It can be greatly beneficial when your furniture is easy to transform depending on the needs of your class or session.
  • Be comfortable. Although armchairs might not be feasible or smart choices for classroom furniture, sturdy and accommodating seating can go a long way in helping a class flourish. It’s hard to get much done when every student is distracted by sore backs and legs because the seating is so uncomfortable.

The quick conclusion: Furniture should be comfortable, not too distracting, and accommodating to the needs of each specific classroom.

Is Your Classroom Furniture Impeding or Improving Learning?

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to filling your classroom with furniture for your students. However, Spacesaver Interiors specializes in strategic, operational, and comfortable tables, desks, chairs, and storage and shelving systems for educational industries! If you’re looking for some assistance in aligning your furniture and storage selection to your classroom’s needs, trust our design and supply specialists! Our team has extensive experience in furnishing educational facilities all throughout Virginia, Washington, DC, and Maryland, and we can help you too!

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