Design Guide for Your Healthcare Waiting Room

Posted on: February 27, 2017

You might put a few words out there to describe the feeling one gets when stepping into a waiting room. Anxious. Wary. Uncomfortable, maybe. And you might be surprised to find that these feelings don’t simply come from the experience of stepping into a medical practice! They begin, and are perpetuated by, certain types of waiting room design.

If you want to make your waiting room into a comfortable and safe space that is inviting for your patients, then Spacesaver Interiors is here to assist!

Simple Design Decisions for a Welcoming Waiting Room

As a matter of fact, you want your waiting room to be welcoming and practical. And with this guide, you’ll find out how to do just that.

Design for Clarity

It can get things off on the wrong foot very quickly if patients walk in and are unclear or hesitant about where to go, or how to get there. When designing, pay particular attention to how traffic is going to flow in and out, and make this process as comfortable and as clear as possible. A patient anxious about even getting in and out of the office isn’t likely to feel comfortable in the future, if they return at all.

Design for Comfort

Your healthcare facility is likely to bring in a very diverse clientele. Small, large, young, old; you’ll have it all, and your seating should be able to accommodate everyone. Make your seating both plentiful and diverse, allowing options for folks of any age or size. Also, keep in mind the traffic we mentioned before. Don’t make a labyrinth of your waiting room!

Design for Lighting and Color

The light levels and colors on display are critical as well. Lighting that is too bright and astringent tends to make people edgy and uncomfortable, while too dim is unsafe. Incandescent light has become the popular choice, as the lighting is a bit warmer, while still allowing for perfect visibility.

And for color, just don’t go too loud. Remember, you want warm and inviting, not a circus tent explosion.

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