Creative School Storage Ideas for Classroom & Supply Organization

Posted on: August 24, 2017

From papers to writing tools, folders, even calculators and protractors—classrooms in any age bracket deal with a lot of potential clutter. And given we only have so much space in each room, today’s burgeoning rosters of students can make storage and organization an even bigger challenge. However, Spacesaver Interiors can help you to discreetly and creatively tackle your storage woes so you can get the most out of every inch of your classroom!

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Bolstering Storage with Better Tools

Typical storage strategies can sometimes bring very little to the table. A desk here and there, a closet, and maybe a standing shelf or a plastic tub over there just isn’t cutting it anymore. You need better storage solutions, and ones that don’t break the school budget—or yours! Luckily, you’ve got more options than you might think. Some creative school storage ideas include:

  • Going vertical. Running out of floor space comes with the territory. But who says you only have to store on the ground? Taking your storage up is easy enough with some quality shelving and wall pockets. They even allow for a measure of organization via shelving labels and pocket assignments!
  • Store somewhere else. Classrooms have limited space, but so does the school or educational facility as a whole. Not everyone can use the communal storage for each and every little thing, right? Well, maybe you can! Have you heard about high-density mobile shelving or even vertical carousels to tackle your storage room needs? Mobile shelving makes extensive storage a snap and doesn’t require nearly as much space as stationary storage.
  • Don’t ignore the accessories. The key to better storage is using every single inch of space effectively, without making the classroom a confusing mess of packs, bags, and hampers. Carts are a good place to start, but for even better results look into recessed cabinetry and storage desks.

Quick Classroom Organization Tips

Once you determine which storage solution will be best for your classroom or educational space, how do you actually keep it all organized? Even the best shelving system in the world won’t work well if people are tossing items in without some sort of organization or strategy! Here are some quick ideas for classroom and supply organization systems:

  • It needs to have words on it. The importance of keeping things labeled cannot be overstated. If it has a specific owner, it needs a name. If it has an expiration date, that needs to be on there. Labeling is the basis of storing items so that they’re easy to find when you need them.
  • Color-coding is your friend. Labels are exceptionally useful, but when we’re talking large-scale storage, things can still become time consuming quickly. Hunting down a stack of reports or homework among 200+ files is a time-wasting nightmare. That’s where color comes in! Use colors to differentiate between types of paperwork or belongings of separate classrooms that might share a storage space.
  • Trash the obsolete. Absolutely everyone is guilty of holding onto things for far too long. While it may be tempting to turn into a packrat, whether you’ve got a lazy streak going or you’re just sentimental, this can be the number one cause for disorganization. Everything has a critical tipping point for usefulness and you need to be able to clear away the excess items from time to time.

School Storage Solutions with Spacesaver Interiors

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