Tips for Creating a Functional Learning Space for Kids

Posted on: June 5, 2017

Learning and teaching have come a long way over the years, and no time period (arguably) has seen more change in how we teach than now. We have established a variety of differing learning and teaching styles, different methods of presenting information, and even methods of holding attention. But the subject matter isn’t the only thing that has evolved. Classrooms themselves are changing, and for the better!

Want to learn more about how to build an effective classroom and learning space for your young students? Spacesaver Interiors can help you construct the ultimate classroom for kids, and today we’re going to get into just how to do it.

How Modern Classrooms Tackle Attention

Children can be easy to teach. Retention is amazing at young ages, and there’s an eagerness there that can sadly be lost over time. So modern classrooms tend to try to take advantage of helping kids grow, offering information that is concise, clear, and simple to understand, while also making things interesting, focusing on communication, and providing a bit of fun.

There is, as we’re sure you know, a trouble in this. When things become fun they dance on a sensitive balance, and one that is easily tipped to “disorderly” as opposed to beneficial. To combat the issue classroom design has become more inclusive, creating a space that is open and more free, while also presenting itself in a familiar way.

Decorate Less, Design Better

It’s easy to take the easy route and splash the walls and dry boards with color and distracting design. But the trouble is exactly that. It’s distracting! Walls should remain simple, if not bland, to keep eyes from wandering off of the current discussion or session at hand. That’s not to say color has no place, though. Just that it needs to be presented in simpler, less distracting ways.

Namely, choose to add color to furniture. Colorful desks and tables add brightness and help bring a welcoming feeling to the room without making a huge fuss out of the nearby posters plastering the walls. You can even incorporate color into your storage, helping to build basics in color association and to reinforce organizational habits (which we can all agree is a huge help—crayons, anyone?).

Deciding on Table Layouts

We touched on importance of table layout quite recently actually. To see a bit on that discussion check out Furniture for a Flipped Classroom! But one of the big points there can be applied here, too. Strict, rigid, face-forward seating is out. Learning is improved by discussion, even with (and maybe especially with) kids and children. It helps to reinforce healthy social interaction, as well as keeping them active and engaged. To do that round, group seating can be a huge benefit.

Seating Is Much More Important Than You Think

No one likes being uncomfortable at all, and even as big strong adults we know how rough it is to try to take in much of anything with a sore back and rump. Add in the mind of an eight or ten year old? Nothing is getting done! Comfortable seating is vitally important because it takes away a big discomfort and time-consuming distraction.

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