How to Boost Morale Through Call Center Design

Posted on: June 28, 2017

Call centers make up the foundation and face of many a business’ public face, and are the basis for solid customer service. However, as many employees are likely to attest, they are often not the most comfortable place to operate. Hours upon hours of desk-sitting and customer interaction can be grueling, and thus keeping morale (and by extension productivity) high can be challenging.

Today Spacesaver Interiors is here to help you bring back high morale in your call centers! And possibly not in the way you’re thinking. Our philosophy begins with the design of your call center, and at its core, the comfort and ease of working in these spaces.

Core Design Elements of a High-Morale Call Center

So what are these well-guarded design secrets? Honestly, the solutions are simple. It’s just about identifying common issues and finding the easiest solution.

To Begin, Look to Seating

Hours of sitting can be a frustration for anyone, but the issue becomes that much worse when seating is not designed for such use. Non ergonomic seating is a source for considerable back pain, the worsening of arthritis, and even lack of focus. These quickly compound into one unhappy camper, and one that has considerable and understandable trouble completing tasks.

Updating seating can revitalize your call center, giving it a new and professional look, and at the same time providing employees with comfort levels necessary for completing work without struggling against completely unnecessary pain and distraction.

Update Your Surroundings

Attempt to stare at a grey blank canvas for ten minutes, and then return to your task. You may find yourself tired and bored now, as well as even potentially stressed. It is the same for your call center employees! Revamping office spaces to be streamlined and visually appealing helps to stimulate rather than subdue, and can be your secret weapon to a happy office space. Don’t worry overmuch about creating excessive distraction—this only comes from poor design, and any design professional worth their salt can avoid the issue with ease.

Consider your lighting at the same time, and for much the same reasons. Lighting that is too dull leaves folks feeling lethargic and slow, while light that is too bright makes us feel exposed and stressed, which will bleed over into customer interaction. Enlist a lighting expert to find your space’s perfect balance.

Storage Is Also Vital

Call centers are frequently chaotic, and this is made so much worse by a lack of appropriate storage. Every file needs a home, every office tool or bit of stationary needs a space. Without this the natural chaos of customer service runs more rampant, and your office is left ineffectual and awry, directly impacting your efficiency and productivity.

Consider taking storage vertical with something as simple as shelving, or for a more sophisticated and complete solution you might look into vertical carousel storage. But even storage accessories like carts can make a massive difference in employee satisfaction.

Call Center Design Solutions in DC Metro

Not sure where to get started with your call center update? Trust the specialists at Spacesaver Interiors to offer you the most advantages! We provide clients with all of the guidance, solutions, and leading products needed to create an ideal call center space. Contact us today to learn more!

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