Benefits of Mobile Shelving Systems

Posted on: October 31, 2016

Why Should You Add Mobile Shelving to Your Building?

Mobile shelving units are designed to increase the storage capacity of your building. This innovative shelving solution is particularly useful for locations with limited floor space and many files or objects to store. By using roller racking systems, you can now store more in less space. Not only do our storage solutions increase floor space in your facility, they also help to keep you organized and can protect and preserve important items. The team of experts at Spacesaver Interiors will consider your unique preferences and budget to create custom mobile shelving specific to your needs.

The Advantages of Mobile Shelving Storage

Traditional racking takes up precious floor space, requiring an aisle in between each row of shelving. With roller racking systems, these unnecessary aisles are eliminated, allowing for more storage. With mobile storage, each shelf can be moved independently (either manually or electronically). How much more efficient are these systems compared to traditional shelving?

These storage units can increase storage space by about 50% to 100% compared to conventional filing cabinets. If you need to maximize your available storage space, mobile shelving units are the best product for the job.

There are many advantages to choosing mobile shelving including:

  • Maximized shelving capacity
  • Improved organization
  • Easy installation
  • Versatile design
  • Reduced aisle space
  • Silent and smooth operation
  • Options for high security shelving and lockers

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Who Can Benefit from Mobile Shelving?

Mobile shelving provides excellent storage for a wide variety of industries including:

Mobile Shelving Systems in Maryland, Virginia & DC

Ensure your workplace is productive with high-density mobile shelving from Spacesaver Interiors. Our shelving systems make storage convenient, allow for more space, and provide quick access to items! Our high density storage experts have worked with many Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC business owners, like you since 1973.

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