Hamilton Casework Solutions Modular Casework for Healthcare Facilities

Providing Modular Casework for Medical Practices in Maryland, Northern, Virginia, and Washington, DC

As a healthcare provider, you are dealing with people bustling around looking for medical supplies, drugs, and patient files on a day-to-day basis—but without proper organization, you might be experiencing unnecessary chaos. At Spacesaver Interiors, we install one of the best modular casework products on the market to make your space more efficient and flexible. What company do we trust? Hamilton Casework Solutions.

For almost 50 years Hamilton Casework Solutions has set the standard of quality and value for modular organizing components and custom casework. Both their standard products, and the custom solutions developed in consultation reflect our focused design and manufacturing expertise.

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Why Choose Modular Casework?

Modular cabinets are suitable for a variety of uses, including patient care areas, nurses’ stations, reception rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms, laboratory and research areas, pharmacies, and storage areas. These cabinets come in a variety of materials, including plastic laminate, wood, stainless steel, and metal, providing you with an assortment of options to best fit your specific needs for your healthcare facility. The casework material you choose will depend on the room its being used it, and to some degree design—which our team at Spacesaver Interiors can help you with.

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Hamilton Casework Solutions for Medical Practices

If you manage a healthcare facility, the Hamilton Casework Solutions offers a variety of options that can improve the efficiency and flexibility of your space. You can use Hamilton Casework Solutions modular casework for:

  • Pharmacies – Cabinet counters are placed at optimal working height, gravity-feed drawers with adjustable dividers conveniently hold packaging supplies, cantilever shelving easily adjust to 5 different angles, soft-close drawer fronts reduce noise, and mobile work islands can easily be rolled into position.
  • Exam/procedure rooms – Offering more features and options than any other cabinet supplier and using the strongest metal to metal fastening system Hamilton Casework Solutions products are designed to last without delamination.
  • Nurse islands – Hamilton Casework Solutions’s line of cabinetry designed with special attention to infection control for the healthcare environment.
  • Labs – Learn more about this extensive line of cabinetry designed with special attention to chemical and infection control for laboratory environments.
  • Patient rooms – Similar to the exam/procedure room cabinets, this modular casework equipment is designed with special attention to infection control and is designed to last with delamination.

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Benefits of Hamilton Casework Solutions’s Modular Casework for Healthcare Facilities

When you choose to install Hamilton Casework Solutions’s line of modular casework in a pharmacy, exam room, or other healthcare facility, you will receive many benefits, including:

  • Durability – It’s likely that your healthcare facility gets a lot of traffic. Patients go in and out on daily basis, which can cause chaos and wear and tear on your space. Hamilton Casework Solutions products are tough enough to stand up to extreme use and backed with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Flexibility – These modular casework systems are built to be reconfigured and reused as needed. If a few months from now you decide to reorganize your healthcare facility to have a more efficient layout, you won’t have to worry about your Hamilton Casework Solutions modular casework.
  • Choice – No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be happy with Hamilton Casework Solutions. They offer a variety of products, finished and component hardware, and price points.
  • And more!

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Hamilton Casework Solutions Modular Casework for Medical Practices Throughout MD, VA & DC

Ensure your healthcare facility is productive with modular casework from Spacesaver Interiors. Our solutions make storage convenient, allow for more space, and provide quick access to items! We install only the best products for our clients, which include Hamilton Casework Solutions! Our modular casework experts have worked with many Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC healthcare managers, like you, and can help determine which solutions work best within your space. Contact us for a complimentary storage brainstorming session.

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