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Mezzanines are ideal for storage, work, and machine platforms and are an integral part of any material handling system. Custom wide span structural mezzanines help you transform unused overhead space into valuable floor space. Each mezzanine is designed to fit around your existing columns and machinery to help you obtain the greatest amount of usable floor space. Openings and stairways can be located wherever they are needed. The load capacity can be increased in your heavy load areas and special handling systems can be integrated into the original design.

Types of Warehouse Mezzanines

Typically, there are four basic types of steel mezzanines used in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial settings and more. These include:

  • Free-standing mezzanines
  • Building supported mezzanines
  • Rack-supported mezzanines
  • Shelving-supported mezzanines

Each type provides usable space without the need of a building addition. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of Warehouse Mezzanines

Warehouse mezzanines offer many benefits for your industrial warehouse, government building, and more. Some of these benefits include:

  • Extra storage space. A big problem facing warehouse businesses is outgrowing your facility. A warehouse mezzanine is an easy way to add storage space to your existing structure. A substantial amount of space can be added with a mezzanine, which can keep you in your current warehouse for years longer.
  • Ability to stay in your current location. Space constraints may have you thinking that relocating to a bigger building or adding on to your current is your only option. Don’t pay higher rent for a new facility, when you can simply install a mezzanine and utilize the space you have!

Take your business to the next level—literally—by having mezzanines installed in your warehouse. Contact us today and we can help walk you through our design process so we can get started on your project as soon as possible.

Choose Spacesaver Interiors for Mezzanines in DC, MD & VA

Storage can be a huge issue for both commercial and government workplaces such as police precincts, law offices, hospitals, medical offices, and museums. We get that. That’s why at Spacesaver Interiors, we don’t just sell you a cookie-cutter storage system. We develop a larger strategy that works for your unique workplace.

We know that each and every business or government building the Washington, DC metro area is special, and that it needs a special solution when it comes to safe, secure storage. When it comes to warehouse storage and accessibility, we are the solution creator you need to call. Contact us today for a complimentary storage brainstorming session!

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